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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



Andrae May, torn ACL. (NewsOK)

Was this an OSU 4.39 or a real 4.39? (NewsOK)

Savannah State-OSU voted the worst game of the year. (Yahoo!)

Interesting article here by Jimmie Tramel on where Le’Bryan is at mentally right now. (Tulsa World)

Markelle Martin draft preview. My real question here is how does one become a scout of NFL prospects? I feel like if I have a game DVRd, go back and watch it four months later, and write a few things about the players who played, I’m a “scout.” (ESPN Dallas)

Jared Emerson on a true OSU soccer family. (O’Colly)

Big 12 QB rankings. I pretty much agree. Pachall might be a tough high and the Chelf-Ash-Florence trio could be 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 and I wouldn’t have a problem. (Athlon)

OSU in the mix for best O in the Big 12 next season? (ESPN)

Good Big 12 baseball notes here, sadly none involving OSU. (Big 12 Sports)

Houston Nutt rocking a Masters shirt at OSU’s scrimmage? Yup. (Picasa)

This is going to be pretty awesome. (Flickr)

Basically if the words “video” and “Justin Gilbert” are involved, I’m in. When Ubben said “I know a lot of Oklahoma State fans are excited to hear that” he meant “dang, Porter is gonna be puuuuuuumped.” (ESPN)

Every time someone mentions Blake Jackson, all I see is Rob Gronkowski. (NewsOK)


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