Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Things were way too quiet, you had to know a public intox was coming! (Tulsa World)

Here’s a good Big 12 tourney preview. How about the fact that Frank is the second winningest coach in OSU history?? (okstate.com)

Florida now has the longest string of NCAA golf appearances in the country at…12. (Big 12 Sports)

Is this even news? (ESPN)

Cool final quote from Justin Blackmon here. (Big Cat Country)

Ubben has Joe Randle as the Big 12’s 6th best player. (ESPN)

Burns Hargis is not at the top of the university presidents salary list. And David Boren’s salary nearly doubles his. And Holder makes more than he does. (The Chronicle)

OSU falls to 47th in one set of rankings. (Perfect Game)

Sad news about Bill Stewart. (NewsOK)

Patrick Cantlay wins the golf Heisman. Dude needs to turn pro. (Star-Telegram)

Welp, I have a new favorite Georgia golfer. (Golf Week)

Wowowowowowowowow. H/t DeShazo (Leap Motion)

This happened during the Thunder game last night.

Hilarious pic of Desmond and his wife from college….

This is excellent…dudes (and chicks) are freaks. And man, I miss that practice gym.

  • J

    I keep seeing stories on Florida State to join Big 12, possibly Clemson as well. Is there any truth to all of this?

    • FreeMason10

      It’s true there are stories and that it’s a possibility. It’s also true you’ll hear FSU is definitely. In addition to that, it’s true that you’ll FSU hasn’t had any discussions with the Big 12 about the possibility of moving. And then…

  • Scott

    The Leap is awesome! WOW! I can’t wait to have one of those!

  • Fatty

    Don’t feel to bad for Burns. He does get an extra $290,000 (just dropped from $350k) a year from Chesapeake and I’m sure something similar from BOK for being on their boards. I think he’ll make out with that low state salary.

  • waddle

    does Holder still donate his salary back to the university or was that a one time thing?