Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Gina talks to a KU beat writer about their chances this season. (NewsOK)

“I don’t want the party to stop.” (NewsOK)

Cool new OSU baseball Facebook page. (Facebook)

This slayed me. Ham ham ham! (SB Nation)

The fire we captioned yesterday actually burned some homes. Scary stuff. (KOCO)

Where do I file my formal complaint? I want to be like the Japanese gymnastics coach, waving hundies in the air, throwing signed documents into people’s faces. (ESPN)

“Why do you keep hiring girls to cover sports?” (NewsOK)

JB still unsigned. (Big Cat Country)

Some strong writing here on Joe Randle. (CBS Sports)

Terrible news. (Orange Power)

Ubben sees OSU beating TCU. I do too. (ESPN)

Yahoo has OSU at #18 in the country. Good spot. (Yahoo!)

This is cool: more quotes from Roger Staubach by Berry. My favorite is “I’m a friend of Boone Pickens.” (NewsOK)

IPF update photos. (Rivals)

CBS All-Americans: Randle and Sharp on the second team. (CBS Sports)


  • Osuaggie

    Looking at the CBS First Team Pre-Season All Americans you would conclude either a) The Big 12 really sucks this year with only one first teamer or b) CBS Sports is pretty much 95% staffed from the East or Left Coast…..

  • Kcshep

    Mike Sherman said “Don’t prejudge. Give them a chance. You’ll be pleased with the results from them and our entire staff.” This makes me chuckle because I know people who still mumble swear words under their breath at the mention of one Jenni Carlson.