Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Happy birthday to my pops.

Must read of the day. (Posse Magaazine)

I might be the only one interested, but all the blogs at SB Nation got new logos. (SB Nation)

Welp, this is an amazing infographic on NFL QBs. (Max Preps)

Agree with all of this. (Bleacher Report)

The mystery is solved! (NewsOK)

Good Q&A with Burns. His commentary on the election is interesting. (O’Colly)

Savannah State is the biggest underdog in college football history. Again. (CBS Sports)

Josh Stewart credits Brandon Weeden with his success. (okstate.com)

All the money. All of it. (Big 12 Sports)

Weird that OSU has played Arizona three times in the last 16 games and teams from Oklahoma only twice combined. (O’Colly)

Decent breakdown of Saturday’s game. (Yahoo!)

Yup, this sucks. (Tulsa World)

People are picking against us, y’all. (CBS Sports)

Ubben picks the Pokes…big. (ESPN)

Both Pac-12 bloggers pick us too. (ESPN)

Good post on how the GAs at OSU help Gundy out. (NewsOK)

A pair of freshmen done for the year. (Sports Illustrated)

What do you know, more guards visiting Stillwater. (ESPN Insider)

There aren’t words to describe how wonderful this is…

  • AWC

    Thank you for posting the article about Michael Grismore. I worked with Michael for several years. He was a great person to work with…enthusiastic, hard working, smart, fun. He helped make the office a great place to work. It is really sad that he passed, it was too so soon. He LOVED O-state. There are few fans as passionate and loyal. RIP MO! You are missed

  • Helluva lot of great logos on the SB nation link. What an undertaking, some of it is damn impressive. The sharks/ducks/kings ‘battle of california’ logo looks like they forgot to do it, had five minutes til deadline and decided to be funny with it.

  • Guest

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a twitter feed that will be doing play by play style commentary and updates for the game Saturday night?

    • Kyle Porter

      @OSUGameday does a good job of this.

    • joel

      Gina Mizell does a good job with update @OSUGameDay. Hou shiuld also use ESPN gamecast. It shows every play and you can see twitter updates there too. You can also go to tunein.com and listen to the game on radio there, just look for one of the local sports stations. Good luck and GO POKES!

  • OSUaggie

    Damn! If the PAC12 bloggers have figure out Brown and Gilbert I guess the secret’s about to get out of the bag…..

  • Will

    I love how none of the NFL starters that went to HS in Texas actually went to Texas. Hang’em.

  • KS1010

    Word is AT&T UVerse will offer the Pac 12 network for one day for $29.95 to watch the game. Heard about this last night and just talked to a customer service person for AT&T for 30 minutes to get this set up on my TV since I have AT&T…still not sure but they are supposedly calling me back to let me know.

    • CTH

      I was under the impression that AT&T UVerse was not offering this for $29.95 and instead if you wanted to be able to watch the OSU game you had to purchase the ESPN Total Package which includes the PAC 12 Network and is approximatley $150.

  • Katie

    I also had the privilege of working with Michael Grismore, and he was very influential in my career. He was more passionate about Oklahoma State and the Cowboys than anyone I have ever met. During my internship, we would have conversations about OSU every single day. He was so kind, supportive, and enthusiastic and made every day more enjoyable. I miss his presence in the office many times a day. Great article.

  • John Clayton is awesome! They should make a mini series for him.