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Feels like we need to move on from this… (NewsOK)

Good article on Tracy Moore here with some quality quotes from Monken. Weird though that the Tulsa World reported that he watched the Savannah game from his house and the O’Colly said he was at BWW. (O’Colly)

This is going to lose a game, or at the very least put one in jeopardy for us at some point this year. I wish I could have seen Gundy ask Gina if she was drunk. (NewsOK)

Brodrick Brown and Shamiel Gary are big bowlers. (Scout)

Brian Fremeau says OSU’s chances of winning 11 games are at .1%. 10 games is at 1.2%. And nine games at 6.3%. Not good news for our predictions. (ESPN Insider)

Bill Young says James Castleman played the best game from a nose guard he’s ever seen at OSU. (O’Colly)

Links to links to links! (NewsOK)

This feels weird. (Tulsa World)

Travis Haney says Wes Lunt is the 5th best new QB in the country. (ESPN Insider)

This might never end. (Tulsa World)

More hoops on TV. Might not be a good thing for us. (Big 12 Sports)

Weeden and Richardson both in the top five for rookie jersey sales. Pretty cool. (Waiting for Next Year)

Really good article on Weeden’s first week struggles. (Plain Dealer)

Say whhaaat? (Big Cat Country)

Come on, guys — gotta throw in my “OSU is 2-2 when Randle fumbles and 22-2 when he doesn’t” stat! (NewsOK)

Gundy with a jewel in here about Troy. (Yahoo!)

Ubben explains why the Big 12 is better than the Pac-12. (ESPN)

Of course he still gets killed in the BQBL. (Grantland)

Speaking of bad…. (ESPN)

Don’t know why but this makes me laugh…

  • KS1010

    Just a random observation here, but I looked ahead and for future OSU games that lines were already up for and OSU is still favored against Texas, WVU, and Baylor. Also only a TD underdog @ OU. Apparently the “experts” chalk up the Arizona loss to other factors (much like us OSU fans do) and still think we’re pretty solid. What does everyone else think about that?

  • KS1010
  • KS1010

    Under the NCAA Futures Column, look at “Games of the Year” link

  • Husk

    Ver’ nice!