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Where we hope PFB has the atmosphere of an African soccer blog.

OSU gets a commitment from the girl whom Kurt Budke was going to recruit when he died. Wow. (NewsOK)

Freaking Jason Richards. (via @joereynolds24) (CBS Sports)

Just what Travis Ford needs: more drama. (NewsOK)

Ubben’s explanation of the last play of the OSU game is awesome. Also, disagree on best game — think that went down in Stillwater. (ESPN)

Good notebook: Lunt’s going to be back soon. (NewsOK)

Can he play DB this year? (ESPN Insider)

Some really good stuff here from Gina on questions that have yet to be answered. The Markelle one is spot on. (NewsOK)

Gundy likes both his freshmen. As he should. (Tulsa World)

Serge compares BPS to a soccer game in Africa. (NewsOK)

OSU makes this photo blog, also this photo blog is awesome. (CBS Sports)

2:30 kick for OSU-Kansas and it’s on Fox Sports (you all get Fox Sports, right?!) (NewsOK)

For OU yes, this is a nightmare. (NewsOK)

Gundy laughs about the fumble, says he’s never been fined for anything other than parking tickets. (Tulsa World)

Cowgirls are stumbling through soccer conference play so far. (O’Colly)

Ubben has us 8th in the Big 12. How loaded is this conference if OSU is really the 8th best team. (ESPN)

Good read here by Haney about whether or not Oregon can run with Bama. (ESPN Insider)

Big time.

Think I missed posting this during the game but it was sweet….

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