Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where criticizing Charlie Weis is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Must read of the day on the Randle family. Great work by Gina. (NewsOK)

OSU knows not to overlook KU. (O’Colly)

Two losses will probably win the Big 12. Problem is now OSU needs Texas to have three. (NewsOK)

OSU ladies picked 7th in hoops this year. (Big 12 Sports)

OKC Dave might not have recovered from this news yet. (Football Study Hall)

The fastest teams in college football. (PFB)

Kansas doesn’t think our QB will be a running threat? They know Lunt is starting before Gundy knows it? (Kansan)

I think Robert Allen stole Bob Barker’s 1980s Price is Right microphone here. (Scout)

I didn’t realize big Charlie held a all-underclassmen practice this week. What a cluster. (ESPN)

Slater on what could be an interesting matchup in the World Series. (NewsOK)

At least field goals are getting a lot of Kansas’ attention this week. (Wichita Eagle)

How OSU players/coaches spent their bye week. (NewsOK)

I love Kye Staley, good piece here by Brendon Morris. The play he’s talking about is below… (Rivals)

Pretty funny opening quote from Bill Young here, I guess the same could have been said by Gundy in ’05. (Tulsa World)

Charlie Weis is a clown. (The Big Lead)

Missed this op-ed on the Ryder Cup by DLIII but it’s spectacular. via @mattquade12 (Sports Illustrated)

A little old but something to get you fired up for Saturday.

Maybe KU should try this guy at kicker? via @thebiglead

  • danofict

    Football study hall. You have created a monster and huge time consumer thinking of all the ways you can make the statistics tell your story. Great stuff.

  • Jadecy

    How awesome was the Kickalicious video…wow!

  • reformedsooner

    Kye Staley is amazing. I got to watch him quite a bit in high school being a Guthrie alum. He was unreal with the ball in his hands and it sure looked like he’d be toting the rock to the end zone over and over again at BPS. Very fleet afoot, great running instincts and patient behind blocks. Now he’s completely changed his body to flatten linebackers for his RB’s. There should be an award named after the guy.

  • Upgrayedd

    Bob Stoops will probably always be my most hated Big12 coach, because he is at OU. But I respect him. I hate and have no respect for Charlie Weis.

  • That one play with Randle and Staley epitomizes Brown’s comment about OSU being way more physical than they thought coming into the game.

  • Nate

    I don’t know what is worse, the KU practicing celebrating video or this


    • Upgrayedd

      All of the sudden, Cowboys 4 Ever doesn’t sound so bad

  • Brad

    That kicker looked like he was hardly trying. Forget Kansas we need to sign him for when sharp is done.