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Where our version of MACtion is called “the Big 12.”

Cool story on Peter Uihlein vying for his European Tour card. (Golf Week)

Revealing stuff from Monken here (what’s new) about his two QBs. Sounds like Lunt has the yips right now. (NewsOK)

Great article on the most influential college hoops teams, and OSU makes the cut. Gah, I miss having great defensive squads. (Sports Illustrated)

TCU is good, would be a nice win on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Q&A with Chuck Moore. (Tulsa World)

Calvin Barnett even roughs up cars that come at him. (O’Colly)

TCU and OSU have squared off before…on the recruiting trail. (NewsOK)

Intense breakdown of the Browns-Colts game. Weeden is starting to play really well. (Dawgs By Nature)

I think these are relatively new. I’m rocking the Robin one right now (see what I did there?) (okstate)

Booooo! (Hollywood Reporter)

Also a big fan of the em dash. (New York Times)

iPad Mini, you guys in or out? (Mashable)

Marcus Smart and JPO at media days. Smart fascinates me.

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