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24 hours of hoops? All in.

These guys will be for sale later this week. (PFB)

Must read of the day on Justin Gilbert. Kills me that he drives an HHR. (Tulsa World)

Tech hasn’t forgotten last year’s thrashing. (NewsOK)

Three QBs winning Big 12 games is a credit to the system. (Tulsa World)

Interesting: A&M showed the nation what OSU could have showed it in January. (O’Colly)

Seth Davis is a fan of OSU’s start in basketball. (Sports Illustrated)

Good interview with one of my favorite guys on the team. (Scout)

Well I think we can rule Walsh out as QB1. (NewsOK)

OSU had the Big 12 freshman of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

I got this email from Quade a year ago tomorrow. It still stings. (PFB)

Gottlieb thinks OSU hoops is overrated. (CBS Sports)

Good breakdown of Weeden’s season and a hilarious pic of him and T-Rich. (Dawgs By Nature)

Quotes from media day yesterday. (okstate)

This headline is funny, and kind of true. (Yahoo!)

Helsley and Slater rank OSU 5th in Big 12 basketball. (NewsOK)

These are happening, but I think we can do better. I know we can actually [puts finishing touches on post for later this week].

This is amazing (Fowler appearance).

This is also amazing.

Matt Fletcher | Stillwater Profiles from Katie Amos on Vimeo.

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