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Big news today. 


Wish I knew what this meant: the only thing I’m going to say is they haven’t gone as deep as what people say. (Tulsa World)

Ah, here’s a clarification on that context…he was talking about “the negotiations.” (Tulsa World)

And I hope that explanation satiated Jenni Carlson. (NewsOK)

Texas was very strange this year. (ESPN)

Little late on this, but OSU is just cleaning up right now. We can afford two Gundys! (Star-Telegram)

Pretty funny line from Ubbs here: I figured this would be a shootout but Oklahoma State forgot its pistol early on. (ESPN)

Too many awards to keep up with but here’s another All-American nod for Sharp. (NewsOK)

Ubbs says the biggest snub on the All-Big 12 team was Josh Stewart. Duh. (ESPN)

This wouldn’t be a terrible addition to our 2013 offense. (NewsOK)

Bowl announcing schedule. The sideline reporter for our game is a Longhorn Network employee. (Awful Announcing)

Nine (!) Big 12 teams that gave up fewer rush yards than Texas. All of them! (ESPN)


There are two pretty good basketball teams in Stillwater this year. (Tulsa World)

Is it just me or does Ford sound annoyed that he has to try and convince people to fill up GIA? (O’Colly)

This guy ranks Marcus Smart as the 14th best frosh in the country. I give up. (ESPN Insider)


Great post here on dream (team) chasing. (Jon Acuff)

No OSU stuff here but a cool look at some college football superlatives. (CBS Sports)

This is a guy OSU could have potentially gone after. (CBS Sports)

Big weekend for OSU wrestling. (O’Colly)

Pretty funny, the 10 lowlights of the college football season. (CBS Sports)

Does this slay anyone else, or is it just me?

Apparently cheap way to get Heart of Dallas tickets. Go here.

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