Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I appreciate everybody’s nice tweets/texts/emails/calls — can’t wait to get started at CBS.


Berry’s recommendation for Monken? MACTION! (NewsOK)

OSU still trails Baylor, Texas, and OU in football recruiting. (ESPN)

Wow, Berry calls out Stoops for being disingenuous. (NewsOK)

So weird, I hope they don’t get somebody good. (CBS Sports)

LA Tech would be so money. (NewsOK)

Am I being crazy when I say this is an extremely bizarre column? (NewsOK)

Good read from Morris on grading out OSU for the year in football. I concur with all these grades. (Rivals)

John Hoover says OSU should start following the OU model. (Tulsa World)

The premise for the Heart of Dallas Bowl is actually pretty cool. (NewsOK)


Ford wants his shooters to keep shooting threes. (NewsOK)

Feel good story on the Cowgirls’ “Shaq.” (O’Colly)

We had 46 (!) rebounds on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Interesting to read Ford here talk about the discrepancy in OSU’s offense and defense. The things you guys see, he sees too. (okstate)

Ford says Jurick’s successful play “borders on a miracle.” (NewsOK)

Nash is a mystery, one of the biggest we’ve had in years. (Rivals)

John Helsley gives all kinds of reasons for you to make the trip to Stillwater to watch some hoops. (NewsOK)


Cowboys roll in Bedlam wrestling. (okstate)

Crazy, research showing Baylor’s Heisman was worth $250M. (ESPN)

The re-invention of television. (Cult of Mac)

Really cool story on an Oklahoma hero. (NewsOK)

Keep going…. (Atlantic)

Thought this was fascinating (via @kevindeshazo) (Sports Journalism)

This was absolutely absurd. (Yahoo!)




  • Walter Sobchek

    re: Rivals Grades

    First, the way they lumped Running Back and Receivers together is kinda silly. Second, no way do our receivers get above a B. SOOO many dropped passes – and quite a few leading to turnovers. They might get a B based on potential, but these are grades for this year, and based on our past and future standards, they shouldn’t grade out that high.


    • OSU-Bill

      I agree with that. Also, I don’t think special teams deserves an A. Sharp is a stud, and Gilbert had flashes a brilliance on some kick returns. However, our punt returning was shaky, and our kick and punt coverage is really not very good. What was the stat–3 kick or punts returned for touchdowns? Also, we gave huge field position all year.

    • I think a B is fair for our receivers. Without a standout WR, it’s tough to give them an A, but at the same time I can’t give them a C because they put up the numbers they did without a standout WR. B is fair. Our running game deserves as A. Randle was fantastic with over 1300 yards. I thought Jeremy Smith would get more carries. I’m surprised he only had double digit carries in one game this year (ULL).

      I’m curious pistolsguy, if you agree with giving our defensive front 7 a B and our defensive backs a D+, how does that compute to having a good defense? A “C” average is not “good”.

  • Nate

    I’ve watched that free throw attempt about 25 times now. It’s just amazing that a D1 basketball player could ever do that. Also, props to him for holding the follow through…