Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Can’t believe Big 12 hoops starts in two days. My favorite conference sport of anything in the country.


Are these good teams to be associated with? (NewsOK)

Surprise title contenders in 2013? Travis Haney says OSU is one of them. (ESPN)

Mike Lombardi plus Chip Kelly? Sign me (and Weeden) up. (Plain Dealer)

The offense won’t change, the conductor will. (Tulsa World)

Interesting take from Gundy on NFL offenses. Also, if you don’t think Gundy talked to other schools after reading this, I don’t know what to do for you. (NewsOK)

Purdue’s leading rusher in yards per carry was its punter. (Hammer and Rails)

Biggest offseason storyline is Bill Young? (NewsOK)

Lots of OSU football units on the rise. (Scout)

Joe Randle on making a LeBron-like announcement. (Tulsa World)


Cowgirls got up 17-3 at home and lost. (okstate)

Good reset of the Big 12 heading into conference play. (Yahoo!)


Kiplinger’s says OU is a better value than OSU. (NewsOK)

Found this while working on my other job, but pretty sweet set of O-State golf clubs going on here. (Golf WRX)

This looks a little contrived, but pretty good.


  • CRJ

    Dem irons.

  • Brent

    Cowboys placed 2nd at the Southern Scuffle yesterday. Jon Morrison, Jordan Oliver and Chris Perry won titles. Jordan was OW with 35 takedowns in the tournament. Beastly.

  • I have a son. That movie might be impossible to watch…pun intended…