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Daily Bullets



Richardson High School girls hoops, awesome. Caught a game with wife and friends last night and it was honestly one of the more entertaining basketball games I’ve seen all year. 


This is so great, I always forget Iowa State hasn’t won in GIA since 1988. (WRNL)

Tony Allen on Eddie Sutton: Like one time, he sent me a picture of him riding a bull. I thought it was funny so I called him right back. Had to make sure he was OK, didn’t fall off it or nothing. (NewsOK)

It says a lot to me that a guy who’s 6’7 230 lbs. claims his favorite move is a step-back jump shot. (O’Colly)

To call Phil Forte a “gym rat” is to say that Stephen King types. (NewsOK)


Pretty interesting way to rank the conferences. Not sure it has credibility with the Big East at No. 3, but still interesting. (NewsOK)

Cool story on Zack Craig, didn’t know his sister was a strength and conditioning coach. (OKstate)

Ashton Lampkin moved to safety? (NewsOK)

The Big 12 earned more football money per team than any other conference. Impressive. (ESPN)

Football recruits dropping like flies. (NewsOK)

It’s probably not good when the questions are longer than the answers… (Scout)


Whoa this is weird. (NewsOK)

An artist who loves hoops? Been there before… (ESPN)

Wow, I clearly haven’t been following the girls closely enough, I had no idea Liz Donohoe hit 40 straight free throws. (O’Colly)

Yeah, I’m not sure how many of the Kansas uni reviews were “mixed” — I’d say they were all pretty straightforward. (Yahoo)

Whoa, Oklahoma State U. obstructing a pro-life group from campaigning on campus, now getting sued. (O’Colly)

This is a good thing. Embarrassing that college athletes aren’t paid. (Sports Illustrated)

Aubrey McLendon, gone. (The Lost Ogle)


It’s just so….perfect.

I tried to pick a favorite but all of them are my favorite.

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