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There is SUCH a disconnect here. Travis Ford is 43-5 at home but the administration thinks nobody is coming because OSU doesn’t win. Really great piece by Jimmie Tramel by the way. Kudos to him for tackling a tough topic. (Tulsa World)

Great line from Scotty Verplank on this season: “Anything’s possible. I play on the PGA Tour. Anything’s possible.” (NewsOK)

Interesting note from Cooper Bassett here that the OSU defense played ¬†harder in the second of the Tech game than in previous games. Or maybe I’m reading it wrong? (NewsOK)

Fake helmet sticker for B-Weed. Luck should get some of his real ones taken away after this pick sixes by the Ducks. (ESPN)

Josh Cooper on Brandon Weeden: “He kind of blows my mind.” (

I must still be in middle school, because I can’t read Jenni Carlson’s lede here without making inappropriate jokes in my head. (NewsOK)

Two great posts and a ton of love for the OSU defense (though in Ubben’s defense, he’s been on them all year). (ESPN & CBS)

Matt Hinton says you might need to at least put a reservation on those hotel rooms in the French Quarter. (Dr. Saturday)

Ubben says “if Oklahoma State doesn’t scare you, it should.” (ESPN)

President’s Cup starts this week. Hunter Mahan is playing in it for the U.S. (PGA Tour)

This Baylor social media program is actually kind of cool (h/t DeShazo). (Baylor)

Here’s a great two-part piece from a guy who hung out with Kirk Herbstreit for a few days. Just for you, Q. (OKTC)

One of my readers wanted to know how many points OSU scores per play. The answer to that would be .66 (517 points, 785 plays).

Too soon? (via @osijj)


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