Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


I can’t get excited about this because, well, Herschel Sims. (NewsOK)

Chuck Carlton picks OSU 5th in the Big 12. (Dallas Morning News)

This is great fun: college football coaches by number of Twitter followers. (Tulsa World)

Gina Mizell tells us kind of not that much about where the new guys will fit in. (NewsOK)



OSU moves to 9-8 in the Big 12 Conference. (okstate)

Ben McLemore’s AAU coach took money on his behalf? I’m shocked. (USA Today)

Men’s track, killing the 5K. (okstate)

Bill Self does not care. (Sports Illustrated)

Blake Bellol. (Hesiman Pundit)

BVP and CHIII finished in the top 10 at Quail Hollow. (PGA Tour)

Great read on Orb here. (Sports on Earth)

College basketball season moved up. That’s a good thing. (Sports Illustrated)

New OSU site in town. 247 is usually a good source of recruiting so you should follow if you’re into that.

Hilarious photo:


Save Olympic wrestling.



  • Seth

    Your interpretation of the Ben McLemore story is way off. Cobb (Ben’s AAU coach) took money for himself, not on “the behalf” of McLemore. As of the information right now KU, Bill Self and McLemore had no benefit of Blackstock’s money, and Cobb was getting paid to “steer” McLemore toward Blackstock after he declared for the draft. In no way, as of the information that is public right now, did “Ben McLemore’s AAU coach accept money on his behalf.”

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Sho you right! Cause athletes never get any of that, just as Cam Newton didn’t get anything from Auburn after Miss State offered hundreds of thousands of dollars. ; )

      • Seth

        Youre comparing a recruiting case with this. This wasn’t money to get McLemore to play at Kansas. It was money to get McLemore to leave Kansas. Why would Self, or the KU athletic department allow these guys to hang around Ben and his family if they knew this was going to get on? Doesn’t make much sense, since it no way benefited McLemore when he is about to be the top pick in about a month, or Kansas.

        Now if more information comes out that Ben and his family was accepting money from an agent that was getting filtered straight to Ben then this is a different story. But from the sounds of it, that is not the case.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          I hear you but Self can’t police all the kids 24/7, it’s impossible. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if McLemore got some of the money plus perks. Guys who want to be agents are involved in this sort of stuff all the time. But you’re right, this is only the start of a potential violation, might just be anti-recruiting fodder.

          • Seth

            If McLemore did indeed receive money, I doubt it will ever surface. Since McLemore is no longer a NCAA athlete he has no obligation to speak to anyone involved with the NCAA, neither does anyone else who might be involved. The AAU coach (Cobb) came out today and said Self, Ben and KU had no knowledge of this and did nothing wrong. Will be interesting to see what, if any type of punishment KU will receive.

  • Jake

    Who is Chuck Taylor? TCU to win it all? And OSU 5th? I will eat my hat if that happens.

  • Has Eddie been tanning?

    • osuvet

      haha…Eddie always tans.

  • PokeyV.

    Interesting find: Weeden – 26; Robinson – 55


    Graham Harrell’s numbers were insane…