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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Peter Uihlein leading Irish Open
• Marcus Smart does work for Team USA
• 2014 draft preview



Leaving the fly fishing and no TV today and headed back to Dallas. Still pissed Phil Jurick didn’t get drafted.


3-0, thanks Ubbs! (ESPN)

Long but good on college defenses here and a little on OSU. (Football Study Hall)


Petey U. doing work at the Irish Open. (European Tour)

ICYMI: OSU will start its own video production studio. Nice name. (PFB)

I need to re-read this like 10 times but it’s interesting [calls OKC Dave, asks for an explanation]. (Football Study Hall)

I’m out on McLemore as a pro. He’s got ungodly athleticism and a great shot but he just seems aloof. He’s 20 though, maybe he’ll change. (Big 12 Sports)

Gary Parrish has Marcus Smart going 5th next year. Kentucky, yikes! (CBS Sports)

I mean I get it, I guess, but don’t you have to turn one of the 10 best scorers on earth into something better than 13’9” of D-League all-stars? (Daily Thunder)

New Southern Miss helmets. Are they plastic? (CBS Sports)

I wrote this for Medium about why I’m starting to hate Twitter. (Medium)

This story, man, this story. (Grantland)

I wanted the Thunder to draft the Greek Freak as well. Sads 🙁 (News OK)

For the person asking in the comments yesterday, here’s an explanation of F/+. (Football Outsiders)

Simmons was heated last night and he’s right about this Doc thing. Doc underestimates Simmons’ juice in the media. (Deadspin)

Dean O wrote about some guy the Thunder drafted who has a 28 foot wing span. 28 feet! Will he be able to dunk?![1. Side note: how much money does Dean O make? If it’s over, like, $35K, it’s too much.] (News9)

More good stuff from Gary Parrish on the draft here. (CBS Sports)

No Drogba for Ivory Coast so Team USA was able to hold them under 30. Five steals for Smart. (Team USA)

I don’t know why but this might have been my favorite tweet from last night.

Wish we still dressed like this for games.

Must not be a dunk contest at the world games…

Coach Taylor AND Saul Goodman?! Yes, I’m in!

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