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Jeremy Smith is a great quote, all OSU can do is have “good” scrimmages, Wes Lunt NOT hiding out!




I’ve always felt like that big, thick pit bulldog who’s bit on that chain for years. I’ve finally frayed them, broken that chain, and I’m excited. I’m pumped up. (NewsOK)

Good point by John Hoover: OSU is win-win at QB. I kind of agree. (Tulsa World)

Gundy knows MSU is preparing specifically for OSU. (Tulsa World)

Good camp roundup here. (Rivals)

These headlines, man. (NewsOK)

Holgorsen: Mike’s a hell of a coach. (Sporting News)

A coach shouldn’t have to tell you a million times what to do. (O’Colly)

Jeremy Smith, not a Superman fan. (Tulsa World)

Wow, Gundy with a candid quote on Jamie Blatnick here. (Tulsa World)

We can’t stop having “good” scrimmages. (NewsOK)

OSU is most polarizing team in AP. (PFB)

I’ve become a big Jeremy Smith fan this preseason. He’s always a good quote without revealing too much. (okstate)

People are suggesting that Wes Lunt is hiding out in Stillwater?! (Tulsa World)

ICYMI: OKC Dave with a great piece on college defenses. (Football Study Hall)

Gundy mullet photo. (Tulsa World)

OSU has been working on Mississippi State stuff for a while. (Scout)

No third string RB yet. (NewsOK)

A quick note on some recruits you might be interested in. (ESPN)

Johnny Football can play, but can he tailgate? (Tulsa World)

Good things happen when you run to the ball. (NewsOK)

Photos of the last day of camp. (Flickr)

How would Calvin Barnett do in the Octagon? (ESPN)

Gonna guess “yes.” (Scout)

The top freshman starting QBs since 2008, ranked by efficiency. (Football Study Hall)

Shaun Lewis’ favorite plays. (NewsOK)

OSU with a 65% win probability over Mississippi State. (Football Study Hall)

Dominic Ramacher is a linebacker at heart. (NewsOK)


Pistols Firing podcast is back. (PFB) (iTunes)

Jordan Niebrugge chosen for Walker Cup team. (okstate)

Bedlam wrestling should be on your bucket list. (ESPN)

Crap, a Browns player almost died the other night. (Fox Sports)

Ladies and gentlemen, the NCAA! (CBS Sports)

I love that Marcus Smart was rolling with this dude at Team USA camp. (Big Lead)

Are SI’s covers cursed? (CBS Sports)

To-do lists and favors and multi-tasking and yes, continual partial attention, are perfect hiding places. (Godin)

On the future of Amazon. (FastCompany)

Can SportsCenter be saved? (Big Lead)

Interesting post here on the future of work. (Medium)

Cool article about Foursquare and why it doesn’t make money and where it’s going. (FastCompany)



Well, this is kind of a funny photo.


That’s quite a trio.



Pretty cool.

Not soon enough.

Yikes, that was good from 60.

Good stuff from Kelli here.

Camp recap video.

Facilities envy.

So Gundy and Yurcich kind of look alike from the side…

This dude is amazing.

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