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Daily Bullets: Berry Tramel’s emails are the best

Chuck Moore is awesome, golden era of Bedlam football, Marcus Smart to the…Kings?




The Berry Tramel emails on the Chelf piece are as spectacular as you’d imagine. (NewsOK)

I also wrote about Clint Chelf and the media. (PFB)

Matt Hinton has OSU as the 4th-best team in the nation. (Deadspin)

Really great article on Charlie Moore. I love how Gilbert talks about his sneaky speed. Seems like a good dude. (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert: “It’s a shame that it’s taken people so long to notice (how well our defense has played).” (Yahoo)

Tyler Johnson’s mom’s sweet potato pie makes you “want to slap yourself.” (okstate)

This is the golden era of Bedlam football. (Tulsa World)

How in the world OSU stopped Baylor. Great piece here. (Football Study Hall)

This is outstanding. Berry breaks down all the formations used in the Baylor game. Two tight ends! (NewsOK)

What OSU’s helmets would look like with an old-school logo. (PFB)

Justin Gilbert and Des Roland will be fine for Bedlam. (NewsOK)

Kye Staley: “I felt like I was in high school, just 50 pounds heavier.” (Tulsa World)


Brian Phillips on Marcus Smart. Read now. (Grantland)

Couldn’t agree more with this piece on Brian Williams. He’s the glue. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart No. 5 to the Kings? (Big Lead)

OSU set an historical scoring record on Thursday. (NewsOK)

Travis Ford: “When it got really tight and we kind of had that look and they (the Boilermakers) were jumping up and down, I said, ‘This is good for you guys.I wasn’t kidding.'” (Tulsa World)

Coach K tries to pump Marcus Smart instead of his own guy. (Big Lead)

My thoughts on the Purdue game yesterday. (PFB)

We did miss Stevie though. (CRFF)

More Marcus Smart drool. (ESPN)

I didn’t realize (I’m not sure why) Smart’s four fouls came within one minute of each other yesterday. (Sports Illustrated)

Markel on getting in foul trouble: “Marcus and I have to watch ourselves because of how needed we are out there.” (Scout)

Here are some highlights from yesterday. (ESPN)


Well this Bo Jackson surprise is the best thing you’ll see all day. (Deadspin)

Powerful article here on how the Internet is reorganizing us. (Wired)

The other side of Black Friday. (New York Times)

Where’s the co-sign button on this? Outstanding look at working for yourself. (The Next Web)

The bootstrappers bible. (Seth Godin)

This is really old but so good. I sent it to a friend yesterday and re-watched the entire thing.

Impact performer of the week.

Cinematic highlights of the Memphis game. I could watch Marcus scream at people in a circle for hours. Drew Brees-ish.

Here’s Ford after the Purdue game.

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