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If the system is progressing, you shouldn’t be able to look at the way we did things in 1997 and say “hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good.” h/t @jakehatchKSL (Pre-Snap Read)

Fan suffers Sam Bradford injury while rushing the field. Yes, seriously. (NewsOK)

Here’s the AP All-Big 12 team. Joseph Randle makes an appearance on the 2nd team. (Sports Illustrated)

Justin Blackmon is a Walter Camp All-American. Also, how about Tyler Lockett being the 2nd team All-Big 12 kick returner but the 1st team All-American. What’s up with that? (Walter Camp)

Bedlam wrestling in GIA on Sunday. (

A person who has been a coordinator at Oklahoma State will be taking the Illinois head coaching position. (Toledo Blade)

Office Space GIF of Mike Gundy? Yessss, please. (SB Nation)

James Poling with an interesting note here on Weeden. Gundy praises him (Weeden, not Poling) for throwing the ball out of bounds multiple times against OU. (O’Colly)

Some great backgrounds here for your computer. (

Athlon’s All-American team includes Justin Blackmon, Levy Adcock, and Markelle Martin. (Athlon)

Speaking of Athlon, let’s talk about how they have Baylor ranked ahead of OSU in their 2012 preseason poll. (Athlon)

Seriously though, how difficult is it for you to write a Gundy column and not include the “I’m a man” quote? Because it seems impossible. Johnette Howard takes Gundy to Adam Jones’ woodshed for the way he lobbied for the BCS here. (ESPN)

You can vote on whether or not Gundy handled the BCS situation the correct way here. (ESPN)

Also, Gundy has no regrets about what he said. And he shouldn’t. (ESPN)

Here’s Blackmon on the Doug Gottlieb Show talking about this season. (ESPN)

LOL. (USA Today)

Really interesting post here by the guys who brought you Death To The BCS on what the players really want. (Death To The BCS)

Brilliance here from Matt Hinton on how to operate a playoff. (Dr. Saturday)

h/t to Carson Cunningham here, a little KD for everyone, and something to look forward to come Christmas Day…

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