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Occupy Bourbon Street shirts. (

Blackmon slated in the #2 slot in this mock draft. Griffin at #5. (CBS Sports)

This is pretty embarrassing. (Sports Illustrated)

As is this. (Heisman Pundit)

Weeden on how far the program has come. (NewsOK)

I’m a huge Jurick fan and this article by John Helsley did nothing to change that. I also find it interesting that Nash called him the backbone of the team. (NewsOK)

Jenni Carlson says Gundy and OSU are taking the high road with the BCS. I wonder though, is there honor in taking the high road with a broken system that nobody likes? Also, does anybody spell check these babies? (NewsOK)

Here’s the FWAA All-American team, it includes Blackmon and Sharp. Is it just me, or are there too many All-American teams to keep up with? (CBS Sports)

I mean it’s insane that THIS helps determine our national champion, right? (NewsOK)

Gundy will be featured tonight in “Oklahomans” alongside Kristin Chenoweth. Also he says he’s never Googled himself. [fill in your own joke for this sentence]. (Tulsa World)

Sounds like everybody involved thinks Pitt beat OSU because of rebounding. (NewsOK)

Jim Littell named the women’s head coach. Terrible circumstances (obviously), but good for him. Also, is a 418-61 record good? (ESPN)

Berry ranks OSU’s WR in this order: Blackmon | Woods | Hart Lee | Dez (NewsOK)

Ubben looks back at how the ESPNU top 150 guys did in the Big 12 this year, including Herschel Sims. (ESPN)

Cowgirl soccer players and coaches reflect on an historic season. (O’Colly)

It’s probably not great that this is the coolest piece of Fiesta Bowl gear I’ve seen so far. (

I bet you can’t guess how much revenue OSU generates per home game. (Tulsa World)

$32 and $57 to watch two unranked teams play next Saturday at the ‘Peake Arena? Um, no. (NewsOK

Anthony Slater with a great stat here: Jurick has 20 blocks and 19 points on the year. (O’Colly)

OSU rolls in Bedlam wrestling yesterday, runs its record to 7-0 in Bedlam matchups this school year. (NewsOK)

Pretty interesting look at how many times a plus one game was needed since the BCS started. (Yahoo!)

Travis Haney with some good stuff here on the power of Twitter and why OU’s players don’t know how to use it. (NewsOK)

I get chills at the 1:35 mark every time.

Here’s video of the tight end (hybrid?) OSU snagged away from OU at the end of last week. He’s good. h/t Brett Myles.

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