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Daily Bullets – 6.28



Peter Uihlein joins a long list of greatness by winning the Northeast Amateur. Also, Asher Wildman says Uihlein paired with Cantlay could be an all-time 1-2 punch at the Walker Cup. (Golf Week)

And Sean Martin ranks those Walker Cup hopefuls. (Golf Week)

Sean Sutton joins ORU’s staff as an assistant. Good for him, not everyone was born to be a leader and he seems to thrive in behind-the-scenes roles like that. (Tulsa World)

Great back-and-forth between Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish (two of the best in the business) on the 2012 NBA draft. LeBryan goes #14 even though Goodman is “not sold on the intangibles and the other stuff.” Good to know, me either. (CBS Sports)

Another 2012 NBA draft preview without Nash in the lottery. But with two Baylor guys in the top five… (The Big Lead)

Owasso has a WR that Gundy needs to be all over. He looks like Nick Cannon. (NewsOK)

In other recruiting news, Dalton Santos, the #1 inside linebacker and Oklahoma State de-commit, is crazy. He will destroy you in Call of Duty and works out 14 days a week. (ESPN)

Great story by Terry Tush on Joe King, former OSU backup quarterback turned cornerback turned NFL player turned country music singer. (

Check out who’s #49 in ESPN’s new “Simply Saturday” series. (ESPN)

The Pac 12 might team with Google and Apple to launch its own network. Paging Mr. Beebe, if you aren’t making out with Mack Brown right now, pay attention to this. (The Dagger)

Flint Harris says Oklahoma State is the most underrated team in the Big 12 and SEC combined. (Holy Turf)

Hat tip to Kevin DeShazo on this – this is a real question with a real answer from a real interview with new OU hoops coach, Lon Kruger. It’s in reference to his daughter’s horse named “Dancer.” I’m literally shaking as I write this for how unintentionally funny it is.

Q: Do you ever ride Dancer?
A: “I’ve not ridden Dancer. It’s been a few years, but I have ridden with [my wife]. It was more during our time dating back in college. I didn’t do it only because we were dating; I enjoyed it as well. But the dating may have influenced me to ride more than I would have otherwise.”

Full Q&A at

Lastly, a LeBryan video – Basketball is so effortless for him, although I think the funniest (and most telling?) thing about this entire video is that after all this hoopla around the dunks and the shooting and everything else, he scored exactly 2 points in the actual game…

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