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You want 3.1 million reasons to pay Gundy right now? They can all be found right here. Read it. (ESPN)

I mean at some point this is becomes an issue, right? (The Big Lead)

Ubben says he’d take Weeden over Luck. (ESPN)

Oklahoma State is preseason #10 in a poll that mimicks the first AP poll of the year. Baylor is #7. (National Champs)

Good stuff here on the SMU game last night from Anthony Slater, a lot of thoughts on what’s wrong (or right) with the offense. (O’Colly)

Jamie Blatnick says OSU can’t give up the yardage it has previously. (NewsOK)

Interesting quote here from Bill Young on whether or not he’d like to be the #1 defense in the country (hint: he wouldn’t). (CBS Sports)

“Take football away from Andrew, and still he has the personality and character to become president of the United States some day.” (NewsOK)

I don’t understand what Ford means here when he says “I had to do tweaking in the offseason, it takes time” as a reason for why people are leaving the program. (Tulsa World)

Does anybody remember the interception Brodrick Brown is talking about here? In my defense it was like 2 AM, but I feel like I should remember it. (NewsOK)

Intriguing: Ford says Nash didn’t play badly, SMU just took his game away. (NewsOK)

Some good tidbits in this Bill Haisten article: OSU recruited Bob Griffin as well as Andrew Luck. (Tulsa World)

Great article here on what uniforms mean to recruits. (Sports Illustrated)

This is pretty funny, Markelle Martin had a surprise for Shaun Lewis on for his birthday. (CBS Sports)

Before last year, Oklahoma State and Stanford had a combined three 10-win seasons and no 11-win seasons. Both have won at least 11 games in each of the past two seasons. (ESPN)

A former OSU wrestling coach/athletic director has passed away. (NewsOK)

And here’s a great story from an alum about the time he interviewed him for a class. (TodBlog)

Gundy snags another coach of the year honor. (

Pretty fun look at the year in sports media by Richard Deitsch (who you should absolutely be following on Twitter at @richarddeitsch). (Sports Illustrated)

If you’re headed to the Fiesta Bowl take a look at the Scottsdale W hotel party flyer below. The assistant GM of the W emailed me and said you guys can email him to get on the guest list for this thing. Getting on the guest list gurantees expidited entry, people on the list will have to pay cover after 10pm. It is a 21+ event as well. His email is below along with a video of last year’s Auburn party hosted by Chuck. I wonder if they can swing Garth or Barry for this thing? Maybe Robin? Big Country?

jdiggs [at] triyar [dot] com

Oh. My. h/t Kyle Krshka

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