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Mike Gundy talking about Wes Lunt. (Channel 1450)

On this year’s SAT… Gundy:WRs as John Calipari:6’6 guards as Billy Beane:relief pitchers. Just pull in as many as you can and see what happens. OSU’s 120-ish man roster is now 16% wide receivers/tight ends. (NewsOK)

Gundy is an all-time quote and didn’t disappoint yesterday: “These are good kids. They’re going to make some mistakes. They’re still males between the ages of 18 and 23, so they are susceptible to some things at any given time. But for the most part, they are good kids who want to be here.” (Tulsa World)

Why Seth Jacobs picked Stillwater. (ESPN LA)

Is this a good pedigree? (NewsOK)

On the Gundy presser yesterday, this is pretty funny: “The audience skewed older too, mostly alumni and boosters, making the soundtrack choice uhh striking.” (NPR)

Dominic Ramacher and Herschel Sims are boys. (O’Colly)

Pretty good story on how the last two years have changed people’s perception of OSU. The uniforms apparently didn’t hurt either. (Yahoo!)

Here’s video of every recruit if you’re interested. (

“I’m doing everything I can — taking extra classes, studying, everything.” Well, that’s good. (NewsOK)

I feel like everybody is nervous about criticizing a Mike Gundy recruiting class. (CBS Sports)

But our soccer class is LEGIT, y’all! (Big 12 Sports)

Just doing really good football, guys, doing really good football. (NewsOK)

Here’s the full class. Michael Wilson looks like a young Chris Jones. (NewsOK)

Dennis Dodd has four candidates to replace Chuck Neinas as Big 12 commish. I’m going to call my Joe Castiglione shot right now and walk it off in three months when it happens. I’m stealing it from somebody (who I can’t name) but I’m still walking it off. (CBS Sports)

Final class rankings:

Rivals – #31 Scout – #23 247 – #34 ESPN – unranked (only ranks the top 25)

A different kind of recruit. Good story here by John Walters. (The Daily)

Great story about some of the biggest O-State fans I know. (O’Colly)

I just love him, I can’t help it. I hope you guys understand. (ESPN)

As Carson Cunningham pointed out yesterday, Kevin Peterson is not slow…

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