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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



Must read of the day on OSU. I got nervous just scrolling through it. (NewsOK)

OSU finishes sixth in the Big 12 tournament, barely sneaking into the regionals (top seven make it) and snapping their 5-year Big 12 title streak. (Golf Stat)

This is really stupid. The last sentence killed me though. (O’Colly)

“Throwing to elite receivers is easy because they’re very talented.” (Tulsa World)

“I gave up three broken bat home runs.” (NewsOK)

Yeah, it’s Robert Allen, but this is pretty good. (Scout)

Four rookies have a chance this year to do what only two did last year. (Sports Illustrated)

Good stuff here on Weeden finding a mentor. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Mel Kiper gives the Browns a B- and the Jags a C on their respective drafts. (ESPN Insider)

Chris Burke grades the draft. (Sports Illustrated)

Blackmon will be wearing #14 in Jacksonville (ugh). (Florida Times-Union)

Colt McCoy is getting screwed. (ESPN)

OSU baseball has won eight in a row and is currently tied for 3rd in the Big 12 standings. (

Wow. (OU Medicine)

Monken apologizes to Landry. Norman could get ugly this year. (NewsOK)

Do people really wonder why Markelle fell to the sixth round? (Tennessean)

A 4-team playoff is coming. You’re welcome, everyone! (Sports Illustrated)

Pretty cool: Here are all the agents for everybody in the draft. h/t Richard Deitsch (Sports Agent Blog)


Reader Benton Rudd made this little compilation of Keiton for us…

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