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Daily Bullets: A great look at OSU’s diamond formation

Gundy on going fast, Tyler Johnson gives fans credit, Big 12 hoops preview, Pokes in the….Fiesta Bowl?




Curious quote by Gundy here on going fast: “The tempo is not as easy for us when we don’t have as much depth at the wide receiver (position), just the history of what we do here on offense.” (NewsOK)

Terrific look at OSU’s diamond formation (which I love) and a question about why they aren’t using it more. You should read this. (CRFF)

OSU should have won against Kansas State by 24. That can be viewed as good or bad. (Football Study Hall)

“We know we can put together drives like that last touchdown every time we go out there. It was just a matter of pulling together and knowing that it could happen at any time.” (O’Colly)

Good stuff here from Jimmie Tramel on expectations for this OSU team and why being the preseason favorite was a bad thing. (Tulsa World)

Tyler Johnson gives the fans credit for the win over KSU. The same fans that were booing No. 4. (Tulsa World)

Daniel Sams showed leadership against OSU, yes, he also showed a lot of picks. I actually like him. Pretty deep ball, fast, he’s not Michael Bishop…but he could be. (B/R)

I know this isn’t shots fired at Sports Illustrated but you could probably turn it into that..(look at the quote on letting facts lead you) (O’Colly)

Jerry Palm has OSU in the Fiesta Bowl….. (CBS Sports)

More good stuff from Jimmie. Gundy talks about Walsh’s horrendous throw to Tracy Moore on the driver before the game-winning drive. I thought the ball got tipped but it apparently didn’t. (Tulsa World)

The whole Mike Davis thing is an absolute mess. Texas is looking for the reset button on its Xbox. (CBS Sports)

Cool look at the guy who’s in charge of selling 50,000 football tickets. (Tulsa World)


Wow, must-read on the long journey of Gary Gaskins. Dude was homeless! (O’Colly)

Monster Big 12 hoops preview here. Only one CBS guy picks OSU to win the Big 12 and you’ll never guess who it is… (CBS Sports)

“Everyone can rowdy around this basketball team” ??? (Scout)

You should watch this Marcus Smart interview if you haven’t yet. (PFB)


A Texans fan showed up at Matt Schaub’s house to berate him. Nice. (Big Lead)

Not sure why but I couldn’t stop looking at this map of sports in the US. (Deadspin)

Oklahoma State’s first golfing All-American passed away. (okstate)

The new Pro Bowl unis look like Oregon/Oregon St. unis. (Big Lead)

The high cost of being a football fan. (CNN)

Andrew Luck is spectacular. I love him. (Big Lead)

Video of this cameraman whose foot fell asleep was spectacular. (Deadspin)

A Nobel laureate on decision making. (Inc)

The idea of an 8-team college football playoff makes me weak. (Big Lead)


Black sleeves?

Kendall Hunter owns 25 pairs of jeans?!


Bring back the Houston Astros unis!

Looks awesome.

I laughed.

These are cool, they should do these for the guys team too.

Is this the slowest punt returner ever? He looks like me out there!

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