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Daily Bullets (Apr. 13): JT Thor Broke Hearts, Cowboy Wrestling Landing (More) Studs



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Today marks the fifth-ish week of quarantine/working from home – good luck friends!

Bullets Rundown

• JT Thor tried to Kevin Durant-Easter
• Cool digital breakdown of the Cowboy Basketball season
• Calmly talking through the Gundy snags

OSU Bullets

• Regardless of how clear it seemed, JT Thor decided to go to Auburn instead of OSU. I’ve never felt more anxious about how an OSU Basketball team will fill its 13th spot.

• This was a pretty cool digital review of the Cowboy Basketball season

• I found a pair of quotes clarifying the outrage (against) Mike Gundy’s remarks and they’re done in the least emotional way possible.

It stinks that the economy is endangered and we’re undergoing layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts. It is a major, legitimate stress on all of us.

But we have to be so careful how we frame that as people are getting sick and dying. Gundy showed us how not to frame it. [TulsaWorld]

And after really trying to see both sides, these remarks explain further where the remarks just don’t fit today.

While (a desire to stimulate the economy is) true in part, it touched a nerve when it comes to student-athletes and the compensation (or lack thereof) that they receive.

In essence, Gundy was saying that in order to boost the local economy in Oklahoma, they needed to risk the health of student-athletes. It’s hard to imagine that was his intent, but that’s how it came across to many. [CBS Sports]

A major part of the rub is that it’s hard to imagine Gundy’s intentions were to harm the players – that much is true. This parent of an OSU player sees that and we all do.

• Big Ben had slow glowing remarks for James Washington

Cowboy Wrestling’s 2021 class is stacked after landing these two wrestlers over the weekend (Victor Voinovich and Elise Brown Ton)

• This two-tweet thread caught me off guard – not only is playing football incredibly significant to athletic departments, but altering any part of the equation would have a “significant” impact on the budget.

• It was fun to see Cowboy receivers as an option on this list:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Reading about normal NBA things feels therapeutic – these outdoor pics from The Atlantic were even better
• It was recently the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of one of my personal heroes –this on why his work matters was great
• Finished this classic relationship book recently – super helpful for any relationship

Depending on how long this lasts, you might find my extroverted self this excited to see the postman (or anybody in the flesh)

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