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Daily Bullets (Apr. 14): Boynton Fills His Class, Berry T. Coins “Mike Exotic”



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And now that Mike Boynton’s last spot is filled… Hey, you can be tested at a drive-up clinic at any of these locations in Oklahoma. 

Bullets Rundown

• A new kind of commitment as Boynton fills his class
• Berry T. on Mike Exotic
• Is Greg Brown a possibility?

OSU Bullets

• With the Pokes filling their last scholarship spot for the 2020 class, they’ve climbed to ninth in the country – and first in the Big 12.

And the recruit that put them there had his heart set on something else very recently.

“I silently committed to Kansas State like four or five days ago just because I felt like that was a place where I would be closer to home, I have a close relationship with some of the players already,” (Donovan) Williams told PFB.

“I was thinking that was the best place for me to be. I was more thinking of it like, ‘Man, let’s go have fun. This will be in Manhattan, it’ll be closer, it’ll be more fun, I have friends out there.’ I was thinking more fun instead of thinking more professional, which is where I messed up.” [PFB]

The recruiting sites need to update a setting for “silent commitments” for when recruits feel pretty sure or when they’ve communicated exclusively through texts.

• Berry Tramel is back from furlough and he brought some fair criticism of Gundy’s comments – the term “Mike Exotic” was used for you Netflix fans

• Somebody talk me down that five-star forward Greg Brown isn’t a possibility

• This was fun – I’m going Weeden ($5), Dez ($4), Rashaun ($3), Tatum Bell ($2) and Ateman ($1). You get the right QB and you can insert an OSU media member at running back with any three wide receivers on that list.

• This is such a fun concept – here’s the OSU dream conference where OSU thrives and we all have fun:

East: Arkansas, Nebraska, Mizzou, Kansas, K-State, Louisville

West: OSU, OU, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech
– I’ll hear a Baylor/LSU or a Louisville swap for Ole Miss.

• If you wonder what pro golfers are up to in Stillwater…

Non-OSU Bullets

• Answering the big questions around contract tracing and the partnership between Apple and Google
Love a good redemption story – plenty of them in this year’s Luke Walton-All Stars
 This was a pretty good, brief summary of Cal Newport’s digital minimalism in a nutshell
This was good faith-based parenting insight for quarantine

How to stack playing cards really high:

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