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Daily Bullets (Apr. 15): Is Donovan Williams Better for the Pokes than JT Thor?



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Football next spring? Can you imagine a more fun spring: NBA, college basketball and football, and college baseball in the same few months.  

Bullets Rundown

• Donovan Williams a better fit for OSU than JT Thor?
• Save more money by cutting programs than coaching salaries
• Gundy needs to call some recruits before playing doctor

OSU Bullets

• This was an interesting line of thought, is Donovan Williams better for OSU than JT Thor would have been?

Granted, Thor would have taken some of the pressure on Cade Cunningham but I also wonder whether that would have been a good fit. Thor is someone that is really good with the ball in his hands, but so is Cunningham. Throw in Isaac Likekele, who is another jumbo guard-wing, and what you have is three talented players that need the ball in their hands to be at their best.

Thor may have raised their ceiling for what they could accomplish but Williams might have addressed the Pokes’ bigger need: shot-making. [Rivals]

That’s the kind of optimism I can get behind. Also noted was that fellow 2020 commit Montreal Pena may have eligibility issues… OSU will need 6’9″+ guys in a bad way.

• This caught me off guard for some reason – ADs are saying it’s not the high salaries of the revenue-sport coaches but funding the non-revenue sports that are the biggest drain on the budget

• Kyle Porter points out something I’ve been thinking about Mike Gundy and how he’s spending his time.

Last week, (Gundy) said he’s been sitting at home watching and studying the news. That’s fine — that’s what we’re all doing — but also maybe that time needs to be spent trying to drag his 2021 recruiting class (which currently consists of one player) out of the Big 12 cellar? Maybe that’s where the lion’s share of his time has gone — to recruiting for the future within the limits of what the NCAA has deemed permissible — but it kind of seemed as if he’d been doing more research on the OANN than on a running back to fill Chuba’s spot next year. [PFB]

I get that it’s April but the whole idea, the basis, the cornerstone, the foundation of Oklahoma State Cowboy Football recruiting is unearthing gems and then hanging on for dear life when schools with more resources/tradition call.

Are we changing that in year 16?

• On a different note, mad props to Mike Gundy for calling where the CFP is heading FIVE YEARS AGO

• OSU’s roster is tailor-made for Cade Cunningham

Tylan Wallace chatted about coming back from the ACL tear and the draft process

Non-OSU Bullets

• How the virus may have killed the handshake
• Super interesting – how the virus changed American spending
• This faith-based read on the perseverance of a quadriplegic man rocked me

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