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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Apr. 17): Another Receiver Commit Added, John Smith Statue?



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Baseball: DBU 8, Cowboys 7

OSU Bullets

OSU landed another commitment at the receiver spot yesterday (PFB)

A Cowboy who entered the portal has found a home in the Big Ten/Los Angeles (PFB)

How John Smith said goodbye to Cowboy Wrestling – could there be a John Smith statue? (Sellout Crowd + PFB)

Top quotes from Mike Gundy’s media availability on Tuesday including one receiver’s NFL potential and a possible death of OSU spring games (PFB)

Cowgirl Golf starts the Big 12 Championships tomorrow (O’Colly)

Why Coleman Scott could be the right guy to replace John Smith (O’Colly)

• Fascinated by this 80-league proposal that floated around – have to imagine the total amount of teams that get paid will be less than 80 though (CBS Sports)

Non-OSU Bullets

New Bluey episode was terrific

• The Lakers shouldn’t intentionally lose just to avoid the Nuggets

• Finished this solid Cal Newport read over the weekend

Two James Clear quotes today:

“You don’t need to worry about progressing slowly. You need to worry about climbing the wrong mountain.” “If you already live a comfortable life, then choosing to make more money but live a worse daily life is a bad trade. And yet, we talk ourselves into it all the time. We take promotions that pay more, but swallow our free time. We already have a successful business, but we break ourselves trying to make it even more successful. Too much focus on wealth, not enough focus on lifestyle.”

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