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Daily Bullets (Apr. 30): Gundy Lands a Running Back, NCAA Opening a Big Door



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Happy birthday to Sister Bullets – best in the biz. 

Bullets Rundown

• NCAA opens the door for player sponsorship deals
• Gundy lands an RB
• Could coaches start cutting salary voluntarily?

OSU Bullets

• It’s not OSU news but it impacts the Cowboys and Cowgirls that the NCAA has agreed to allow athletes to be compensated by a third-party. 

The Board of Governors met on the issue this week and agreed that athletes should be allowed to receive compensation for third-party endorsements “both related and separate from athletics.” Additionally, athletes would be permitted to receive payment for other opportunities “such as social media, businesses they have started and personal appearances.” [Yahoo Sports]

The plan isn’t set to be in place until the 2021-2022 season.

Brokedown most simply, Chuba Hubbard would be allowed to receive compensation from say… a car dealer in Canada for vouching for their products but would not be allowed to be compensated by Oklahoma State for his endorsements. It’s sort of implied that he would do that for what he’s already receiving (scholarship).

OSU received their first verbal commitment from a running back since Justice Hill Deondrick Glass committed in January of 2019.

This picture Jaden Nixon posted with his commitment was an all-timer – him with Gundy then and more recently.

• Here’s what could be a cool gesture from head boss Mike Gundy: voluntarily slashing some of his $5m+ salary. 

Nobody wants to voluntarily give up money, and it’s easy for me to sit here and talk about this (even if our business’ revenue has been undercut significantly because of COVID-19). But Gundy has made over $40 million in his career in Stillwater. There are only so many peacocks you can purchase. [PFB]

That line about the peacocks gets me. I haven’t seen a precedent of coaches voluntarily slashing at this point but it could be a really neat gesture if he felt so inclined.

Solid ESPN piece on how the virus could impact the 2020 college football season

• John Helsley flashes back to our initial meeting with Cowboy legend Brandon Weeden

• Mike Boynton has reached out to a former four star-guard from the Pac-12 about transferring in

Non-OSU Bullets

• This on expert Twitter vs. blogs is good – at a higher level, banking your thoughts on more formed arguments is a win
• Couldn’t agree more with this – OKC gets Tyson Chandler, it wins a couple of championships (assuming they still draft Ibaka and Harden)
“25 Useful Thinking Tools” rips great processes from their trade, good stuff

If you’re looking to take your burger grilling up a notch, here’s your chance.

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