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Daily Bullets (Apr. 7): That Gundy Comment, JT Thor is Still in Play!



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Welcome to Wednesday’s Bullets where a couple takes are about as cheery as a Woody Allen movie. There’s good news and fun updates in there, I promise. 

Bullets Rundown

• Let’s talk Gundy remark
• How media is responding to said take
• JT Thor is still in play for the Pokes!

OSU Bullets

• So let’s talk about Mike Gundy’s (incendiary) comments yesterday. For appropriate framing, here’s the difference between how Gundy talked about the events compared to how Oklahoma State deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg did.

The difference here is striking. Weiberg spoke with humility, answering questions he could answer and deferring where it was appropriate. Gundy? He talked about blood transplants and how antibodies work. [PFB]

I get it – we’re all stir-crazy and sports-starved, hungry for televised sports and longing for news that football won’t be canceled.

But here’s where Gundy went wrong (and yes Mike, I have a job and collect a paycheck), we’re all concerned about the tens of thousands in our country who will die from this virus and encouraging young men to go back to work in less than a month so that football can be played is the definition of tone-deaf.

Two truths: Mike Gundy is the best college football coach Oklahoma State has ever had (and likely will ever have). He also made a thoughtless comment that the university had to comment on within hours.

• While we’re here – here’s what journalists have communicated about the comments:  SI’s Pat Forde, Dan Wolken of USA Today, and Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports who went overboard. In the opposite corner, you have the Pokes Report’s Robert Allen.

• On a wildly different note, it was encouraging to hear that four-star forward JT Thor is highly interested in the Pokes.

• Berry Tramel’s comments expressing frustration with the Basketball Hall of Fame for tarrying with Eddie Sutton’s induction was spot on.

Tramel notes that before 2013, Eddie’s wife was alive, five years ago Eddie was able to speak eloquently, and the Sutton family is clinging to hope that Eddie could understand the moment without confirmation of this reality.

Blake Jarwin is poised for a breakout year – yay!

• Smart money is on Dizzy having a solid European career:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Good (not great) website for free older movies – looks like Netflix (Charade is terrific)
• Love the idea of a Chris Paul-bidding war this summer
• Solid faith-based read on not wasting your failed plans


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