Daily Bullets (April 19)

Written by Steven Mandeville
A Secure Identity

There’s no confusion about the deadliest part of Oklahoma State’s offense.

“That’s really who we are here,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy says. “We throw the ball deep a bunch. We just keep chunking it over your head, and we run the ball a little bit. And the threat of what we can do throwing the ball over your head is kind of who we are on offense.”

So yeah, it’s natural. But’s also an acquired skill. There’s no way to prove the claim, but Gundy figures Oklahoma State practices throwing deep more than most other teams. This much also is true.

“He’s just playing to our strengths,” Rudolph says. “We’ve got dudes who can run by you.” [USA Today]

Gundy saying stuff like this excites me. Cox had some great thoughts about how the team is unusually aware of who they are compared to previous years and it’s true: an unstoppable passing attack with a budding running game.

Nightmares of a potent passing attack wasting away with a fledgling running game gaining no respect aren’t too far in the past. And that brings the question: is the confidence because of the world-class deep ball-led passing attack or four seniors blocking for Justice Hill?

It seems like it’s probably both and that’s why Gundy feels so confident calling his shot in April.

Extra Set of Hands

Gundy was quoted with his peers talking about the tenth coaching position that will open up next fall.

”For us, the biggest impact is being able to regulate our players, stay on top of their academics, their social lives, things like that, more so than anything,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said. ”It certainly helps to have coaches on the field, but for us, we spend a lot of time trying to regulate these guys in the different areas other than football.” [Yahoo Sports]

While most of his peers are talking special teams or evening the staff on sides of the ball, Gundy sounds like he’s looking for a summer camp counselor. It’s either the source only using Gundy’s quote that was different or another window into the Cowboy program and it’s established culture. FWIW, Snyder sounded pretty similar.

OSU and NCAA Notes

This seems functional: Bama d-line reveled in head coach yelling at OC…. Baylor hired a new president, a really sharp gal who played basketball at OSU (also, from my hometown)….NBC says Mixon is sliding down draft boards….One of the Pokes’ best arms is done for the year

Fun win for the Pokes over ORU last night on a late walkoff in extra innings:

Impressed with the solid impressions – Orgeron in “The Blind Side” gives about as much cred as Ford in “The Sixth Man.”

It’s a big jump to make, sitting out a year will be great for Weathers. Look out winter 2018.

Poor kiddo. Enters the world in khakis and a desire to push any rule you put in front of him.

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Other Stuff I’m Reading

Can Russ’ leadership pull the Thunder past Houston?….Solid thoughts on making friends post-college….Reading a book on the beatitudes right now but this short piece is a great primer….Four disciplines for getting stuff done

  • Jacob

    Hill should have a monster year with everyone having to play deep due to the WR strength

  • Mark

    It seems to me that if your program is in desperate need of a tenth guy to fill some void in preparing the gameplan, then you aren’t a very good organizer. I’m glad Gundy is more like “Hey, this is cool.. another dude to keep an eye on these guys in the summer…” That shows he views the extra manpower as a luxury rather than a necessity, which speaks well for his administration.

    But here’s a thought, if Gundy’s assistants are already currently underpaid, where is there room in Holder’s budget for a tenth assistant?

  • James

    Reading about morality right now, but this short video is a great primer.

  • Chuck

    Steven – Why are you pushing links to Art of Manliness everyday?

    • Steven M

      It’s one of the main sites I read/enjoy (non-sports related), usually only include stuff that I think is good.

      • David Einstein

        Isn’t the guy a Tulsan too?

        • Steven M

          He is! It sounds like he’s just stuck around since law school at TU, may have grown up here though too…

  • Clint

    For what it’s worth, Mandeville, I appreciate your “Other Stuff” topics. (As I appreciated Porter’s…but never said anything…) It’s cool to see a blog so devoted to sports also willing to at least give a little space to spiritual topics and other matters.

    • Steven M

      Thanks Clint! Always appreciate your comments. Good to have something in life other than sports, right?