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Daily Bullets (April 4)



Weathering the Storm

After Monday’s announcement of Yankuba Sima and Tavarius Shine’s transfer, redshirt sophomore guard Michael Weathers will bear some heavy weight on his shoulders… and that appears to be a good thing.

Weathers’ tools and his potentially super-elite functional athleticism were covered above. He is not too small for the league, and, raw explosiveness-wise (where the above GIF comes into play), he is easily a few notches above guys like Markelle Fultz, Jawun Evans, Monte Morris, and so on; he is probably below Dennis Smith and De’Aaron Fox in that regard, but that is not remotely a slight against him.

Beyond his extreme-outlier assist-rate touched on above, Weathers is also producing on the extreme-outlier end of the scale at getting to the rim and drawing fouls there, with 5.9 unassisted makes at-the-rim and 11.2 free-throw attempts per-40-minutes.

He is a special prospect. Even if these numbers drop to 75-percent of their current values over the remaining two-thirds of the schedule, Weathers is a special prospect. []

Written nearly halfway through his freshman campaign, Weathers put up big numbers, albeit in a lesser league, and he’ll have every chance to do that this winter.

Meeting the Parents

Mike Holder knew Mike Boynton would be a crowd pleaser.

To Holder, the interview was a formality. It was Boynton’s year on campus as an assistant that earned him the job.

“People say, ‘Well, he must’ve been impressive in the interview,’” Holder said. “No, he was impressive for the 365 days that he spent here, with the way he interacted with the student-athletes and the way they talked about him, to the way he interacted with everybody in our building and treated everybody in our building.

“There’s always that trepidation, that doubt when you hire a new individual, how they’ll adapt to your culture, to your situation, to your community, and with Mike, I didn’t have that worry.” [NewsOK]

Boynton just seems like one of those guys that a gal wouldn’t have any problem bringing home to meet the parents.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Four college students made up a “collegiate writers association” and had awards published one year….Ian Boyd gives the top-five players in each 2018 Big 12 recruiting class….HCS reviewed the 2017-2018 Cowboy Basketball season….Welcome to the age of Villanova (except KU is No. 1 in this way-too-early top 25)

Joe Bob has been a low-key dominant position coach – will having an assistant coach (Greg Richmond) make him even better?

Pokes bringing in the Shockers tonight.

Coach Bratton brought it in the 90’s.

Can you imagine what Ateman could have done as the focal point of an offense?

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