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Daily Bullets (Aug. 12): OSU Football is Reportedly Coming This Fall

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now!

OSU Bullets

• The OSU Cowboys and the Big 12 as a whole are reportedly set to play football this fall.

After a meeting Tuesday evening, Big 12 presidents have decided to allow the conference to move forward toward a season with a revised schedule, according to SoonerScoop’s Eddie Radosevich and Carey Murdock.

The revised schedule has already been prepared, according to Yahoo’s Pete Thamel, and it will be released soon. [PFB]


• While Cade Cunningham will only (likely) be at OSU for a year, his impact in getting guys like Rondel Walker (enjoy this analysis of his game) on campus for a few years is great

• Here are two dynamics in play in even a hypothetical Nebraska-to-2020 Big 12 for football only:

…(R)emember, this is 2020. Everything is on the table, including a spring football season. Everything except perhaps allowing Nebraska to contend for a conference championship.

This isn’t Notre Dame and the ACC. There is no working relationship. There is bitter history. The Cornhuskers left the Big 12 in a huff a decade ago, and the Big 12 scrambled to survive. Survive it did, and today the Big 12 has a better status than does Nebraska. Living well is the best revenge. [NewsOK]

So everything’s on the table but decisions aren’t made inside a vacuum. Also, here’s another option that’d likely be in play if the TV networks sweetened the pot for Big 12 schools to add another Power Five game.

A Cowboy offensive lineman is headed out of town, entered the transfer portal

• Catching up with former Cowboy fullback Kye Staley

• Good piece looking into the recruitment of a four-star wing from OKC – Pokes are a finalist but don’t look to as intensely interested as others

Non-OSU Bullets

• Kind of wild to read about all of the projects considered for the world fairs
• Tjarks on TJ Warren and the evolution in Indiana is sportswriting (and NBA talk) I love
Social media manners for a polarized timewas a good read (faith-based)

For anybody who’s been away from their family, seeing them unexpectedly would be a win:

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