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Daily Bullets (Aug 9): Fall Camp Reports on OSU Receivers, Five-Star in Boynton’s Sights?

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

OSU Bullets

• The takes out of fall camp around receivers have been hot:
The Green twins got big coming in early in January
– Brennan Presley is prepped for a bigger role in year two
Tay Martin is ready to replace Tylan Wallace as OSU’s top receiver

And to top it all off – check this quote from OC Kasey Dunn:

“Do we want to open (the offense) up more?,” Dunn asked aloud in his first press conference of fall camp. “Damn right we do.”


• Five-star wing MJ Rice is announcing his commitment tomorrow – A buddy pointed out OSU had a really unique pitch to him

Starting cornerback Jarrick Bernard-Converse has an awesome new nickname – there are shades of how Eddie used to pump up one alpha on his teams every year in these comments

• This Tramel take on PAC-12 expansion was something interesting to hear:

There’s no reason to take Houston, and I doubt the Pac-12 would be interested in a private school. But OSU, Tech, K-State (or KU) and Iowa State would be workable. The Pac’s networks indeed could use some new eyeballs and some Central Time Zone teams. The best quartet probably would be OSU, Tech, TCU and K-State, if the Pac could see its way to take the Horned Frogs.  


• Quick interview from the O’Colly catching up with Matthew Wolff

• Sad update here – Cowboy played for OSU in the late 80s passed as a result of COVID-19

• This take from the movie Stillwater cracked me up:

Non-OSU Bullets

• The end of the office
Godless productivity (faith-based)
• Pretty cool – download old movie posters for free from UT on this site

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