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Daily Bullets (August 20)



Football news

OSU secondary rolls deep as we head into 2015. (PFB)

Gundy: “I can leave here for a week and this thing runs itself,” he said. “Everybody knows what to do, and I don’t get in anybody’s way. I let everybody do what they think is best.” (Tulsa World)

David Glidden says anything less than a Big 12 title is a disappointment. (Tulsa World)

The 20 most important people of 2015 (No. 15). (PFB)

Good point here by Berry, we’ve come a long way since 1995 in terms of protecting human beings from getting severely injured while playing or practicing football. (NewsOK)

Bill Connelly has OSU as a Tier 4 team this year. (SB Nation)

This is great. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants OSU to take it back. (PFB)

The one stat that has to change for 2015. (PFB)

Jesse Robinson on this fall: “Oh, man, it’s much different than it was. The attitude and just how we come to practice every day is very different. Nowadays, you’ve got people who are excited to come to practice. Back then, we were going through a slump, things got a little tough on us.” (NewsOK)

At least you can get that Seth Jacobs jersey.

Around the country

Go back to Nike, Hawaii. (Yahoo)

The five biggest freaks in the Big 12. (Big 12 Sports)

Seriously though, if you like Big 12 football, you should be reading LGG. (LGG)

Pokes in the pros

Justin Gilbert is injured which might be a good thing for him at this point given how the last week has gone. (Plain Dealer)

This was solid.

Recruiting news

OSU flipped Jonathan Marshall from TCU. (PFB)

“I had discussed it with my family and we decided that Oklahoma State was the best place for me to go.” (Go Pokes)

Hoops news

Christien Sager has some advice for student-athletes. (PFB)

Darrell Williams signs to play in Belgium. You can make some dough over there. Good for him. (NewsOK)

Other sports

Tennis has two new bad boys that everyone hates. (Big Lead)

I did a podcast with No Laying Up to discuss the PGA Championship. I have some fire takes on DJ and Tiger. (NLU)

More stuff I’m reading

The Tim Ferriss Longform podcast is excellent. (Longform)

The endless train (via Kottke).

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