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Daily Bullets: Brandon Weeden is happening

The greatest recruiter in college football history, Bill Self almost went to the Cavs, and punters need love, too.



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It’s happening. Brandon Weeden is going to back up Tony Romo. (Twitter)

Apparently the NCAA is making that quick jaunt up and down I-35 between Austin and Stillwater. (NBC)

Haha, I’m glad this is the Cowboys4Ever game. Or was it? I thought it was the following year in 2010.. (CRFF)

Chelf: “I’m working out and my agent still seems to think that I will have a chance. Hopefully, with training camps opening up this month I will know something more sometime later this month or next.” (Scout)

This is the most How I Got Here answer ever: My collegiate goals are to win the Big 12 and national championships and get a good education.” (okstate)

The top Big 12 games, Nos. 60-46. (ESPN)

Why the CFB Playoff doesn’t compete with the NFL. (NewsOK)

Steve Spurrier calls Nick Saban the “greatest recruiter in the history of college football.” That reminds me of the time Coach Budke called Courtney Paris the “greatest rebounder in the history of women’s college basketball.” (CBS Sports)

ESPN projects OSU to have 7.6 wins. Is that high? Low? The Cowboys are then considered favorites in their next nine games before wrapping up with Baylor (30.6 percent) and OU (29.1).  (ESPN)

Punters need love, too! (Tulsa World)


Ugh, I hate reading about this. The Budke and Serna families have reached a settlement with the pilot’s estate. (NewsOK)

A little hero worship-y but at least it’s well-written. (CRFF)

Bill Self flirted with the Cavs. Nooo! This would have been the perfect scenario…he could have won Bron three more titles then been fired in nine years and written his own “Coming Home” piece for Sports Illustrated… (CBS Sports)

Markel was voted a better dunker than Desmond. (PFB)


I did an in-depth interview with CRFF. (PFB)

Tiffany Bias and Chris Perry as athletes of the year. Any qualms with that? (Big 12 Sports)

Hah, Berry tries to solve soccer for Americans. To me the biggest issue is the lack of attacking in the knockout games. I don’t mind a 0-0 game at all but not when both teams are more conservative that Lego Man with JW Walsh at the helm and a 20-point lead in the 4th quarter. (NewsOK)

This dude writes 10,000 entries a day for Wikipedia. (WSJ)

Not sure they could make a 30 for 30 I wouldn’t watch.

Good Markel highlights here..

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