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Daily Bullets: Brian Williams is transferring

More on Ford’s contract, Jay Novacek on Dez, cool photo of GIA.




Brian Williams, gone. (Tulsa World)

Coach K makes a lot of money. Travis Ford makes more than Jamie Dixon, Roy Williams, Shaka Smart, Fred Hoiberg, and Bo Ryan. (USA Today)

OMG Cleanthony almost died last night. (Big Lead)

Unfortunately loving your job isn’t a qualification for keeping it, and criticism comes with the territory. Long but good piece here on Ford, his contract, and where OSU is headed. (CRFF)

I’m convinced Markel would have won this contest but this dunk was pretty on point. (Big Lead)

Pretty cool, the origins of the Final Four mascots. (Sports Illustrated)

This photo of GIA is pretty awesome. (Tumblr)

Better to let that contract slowly run out and survey the landscape later. (NewsOK)


Spencer: “I can’t say anything positive about anything leadership-wise right now.” (O’Colly)

I actually agree with this about the Blake Bell April Fool’s joke. I thought it was kind of dumb, not funny, and I would be annoyed if I was Bell. (NewsOK)

Good Big 12 football update here. What everyone has been up to this spring. (Grantland)

Stories like this one, man, Jeremiah Tshimanga went from foster homes growing up to graduating from OSU next year. (Tulsa World)

Cool story on Jhajuan Seales. His recruitment was very strange, not in a Hart Lee Dykes kind of way, either. (NewsOK)

I think this is pretty interesting: Daxx’s development, if it continues, would virtually guarantee Rudolph’s redshirt. (CRFF)

I don’t know who Ronald Jones is but apparently he’s good and he’ll be in Stillwater tomorrow. (Scout)

Gilbert on Kevin Peterson: “We always joke around, and I think he’s going to try to compare himself to me and the way that I played last year. He’s very capable of doing that.” (O’Colly)


How OSU’s bullpen has been money this year. (NewsOK)

Jay Novacek: “I don’t know if I’ve ever been around a player who just simply wants to play the game of football like Dez does.” (Dallas Morning News)

Everything you don’t know about tipping. (Wait But Why)

The last website. (Medium)

The wolf hunters of wall street. This is so good. (New York Times)

Austin Kleon on creativity and writing and man this is awesome. (Great Discontent)

I used to loathe the zone read but I think we’re going to see it a lot this year with JDubby.

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