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Daily Bullets: Can Smart get national POY without winning Big 12?

Clint Chelf as a top 25 Big 12 player, Charlie Strong wants to close the border, why FSU’s schedule will be more difficult in 2014.




This quote has to be old, right? Given that he starts… Ford: “Love Brian Williams. I’m always itching to get him in the game.” (Big 12 Sports)

Do we feel like OSU has to win the Big 12 for Smart to get national POY? (ESPN)

Travis Ford hates bye weeks as much as Gundy. (NewsOK)


Charlie Strong wants to close the border?! (NewsOK)

Great headline or greatest headline? (CBS Sports)

Clint Chelf as the 21st best player in the Big 12. (ESPN)

More of the best moments of 2013, includes Tyler Johnson’s fumble return. (NewsOK)

Florida State has a much more difficult schedule in 2014. (Big Lead)


Posted Part I of the PFB survey results yesterday. (PFB)

John Smith with an epic Happy Feet quote about his heavyweight guy here. How pissed is John Smith about the start wrestling is off to? (O’Colly)

Vince Young files for bankruptcy, wonder how much that BCS title ring will sell for. (Big Lead)

The West is KD’s until he says otherwise. (Deadspin)

Cowgirls are 17-1. 17-1! (ESPN)

The Federer-Nadal to end all Federer-Nadals. (Deadspin)

Interesting, how curiosity cultivates creativity. (Fast Company)

This is fantastic: what a million likes is worth. (Medium)

Bloggers are legally equivalent to journalists. (The Atlantic)

Well this is spectacular. (via Carson Cunningham)

I think I’ve posted this before but maybe not.

Have mercy.

Haha, this is hilarious.

Not a lot gets me out of bed at 2:30 AM but…


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