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Daily Bullets: College football uniform updates

Jeremy Smith likes to work, Glenn Spencer won’t call the defense “aggressive,” a great homecoming video.



I’ll be on the Sports Animal today at 12:40 with Mark Rodgers (and every M-W-F at 12:40 for the near future). You can listen here.


You come from being the guy, to somebody who has to actually work. And work and work. (NewsOK)

The Athletic Village photos are pretty great. (Flickr)

The 2013 uniform updates. If you click on this you should plan on potentially getting fired because you aren’t going to be working until after lunch. (ESPN)

Is it just me or does it seem like more teams have two QBs in the mix than any year in recent memory? (Tulsa World)

Nick Saban was pissed because the title game last year cost him a week of recruiting. Wow. (GQ)

The 2013 Pistols Firing college football picks. (PFB)

What the heck is this? (Flickr)

Rod Gilmore is calling the OSU game this weekend. I didn’t know he still practiced law. (NewsOK)

Big 12 fantasy draft seems kind of fun. (ESPN)

This is amazing: OSU’s state of the union. (Barking Carnival)

Cool look at where all of Gundy’s original coaches went. (Pokelahoma)

My only takeaway here is that MSU has a guy named “Dak.” (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer won’t call OSU’s defense “aggressive” but pretty much everyone else will. (Yahoo)

Tracy Moore sleeps with a stuffed animal. (NewsOK)

This is cool: OSU and MSU played in 1970. (Cowbell Tolls)

I think [Yurcich] and Coach (Mike) Gundy are like the funniest people to watch running. Coach Gundy just turns red like he’s about to pass out or something. But at least they’re getting their jogs in. (NewsOK)

The pic of Chelf on this page is great. (SB Nation)

Feels like Fox is giving Ubben room to write, which is a good thing. Here he is talking about the Big 12 race. (Fox SW)

Good look at the state of Big 12 defenses here. (SB Nation)

I don’t understand why coaches are so obsessed with keeping their starting QBs secretive. (Big 12 Sports)

Weeeelllllp. (CBS Sports)

OSU atop the Big 12 power rankings. (Tulsa World)

Pistols Firing social media guide. (PFB)

OSU is No. 13 in F/+. OU is No. 12. (Football Outsiders)

On what OSU will do because of the Devin Davis injury. (NewsOK)

If OSU loses to a team that’s posting headlines like this…… (Cowbell Tolls)

I’m not sure why but Berry revisits the Savannah St. game. (NewsOK)

Jimmie does too but with some good quotes from somebody who played in it. (Tulsa World)


Rank the college basketball teams. (ESPN)


Bill Connelly’s first chapter of his book is online and that’s a great thing. (SB Nation)

Definitely elite.

Because that’s what’s comfortable?

Yes, this is great.

OSU is obsessed with its new video boards. The football:video boards tweets the last week have been like 1:10.

I don’t know why the full trailer isn’t on YouTube yet but this looks good.

Other things OSU has become obsessed with: GIFs. (Tumblr)

It destroyed me when they started going in classrooms. If you went to OSU you’ll like this.

I normally don’t miss college that much because I enjoy my post-college life but this video made me miss it. You students road tripping to Houston: enjoy it and revel in this time. There’s nothing like it.

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