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Daily Bullets: Cowboys get Michigan safety

Eddie and Willie, Rennie Childs could be a star, and the Masters starts tomorrow.




Parker Graham on Rennie Childs: “Next year you all are going to be talking about Rennie Childs a lot. Between Des and him, there are going to be a lot of rushing yards.” (NewsOK)

OSU is getting a safety from Michigan (as in the University of) to help out. That’s good. (Tulsa World)

Lester kissed a pig for charity. Of course. (Fox Sports SW)

OSU says it needs a fourth guy at running back. (NewsOK)

Tim Duffie: “Obviously we welcome the challenge to try to improve these guys. It’s a chore, but that’s part of coaching. It’s my job. You can’t always run into a scenario where there’s always going to be experience back there. Sometimes you have got to develop it and earn your stripes, not only as a player, but as a coach, too.” (Tulsa World)

Interesting: John Kolar as a QB who may surprise… (ESPN)


This is a brutal way to “lose” $100,000. (CBS Sports)

Eddie Sutton on the Thunder: “Those people in Oklahoma City don’t realize how lucky they were to get some of those players.” (Tulsa World)

Speaking of, our top winner already got me his t-shirt info but I need it from the second and third place folks so I can send you your PFB shirt:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 7.39.44 AM

On Smart loving his two years at OSU: The sentiment almost defies belief, but for the sake of a player who just turned 20 last month, it’d be nice if that were true. (Sports Illustrated)

We aren’t going to be good, are we? (Big Lead)

This gallery of players celebrating from the Tournament is fantastic. (Deadspin)

First hour on 4/8 Paul Pabst talks about how much Travis Ford likes the Dan Patrick Show and how nice he was at the Final Four. Also, Gottlieb talking about UConn fascinated me. (Dan Patrick)


Is this the most surprising headline ever? My jaw dropped. (Big Lead)

Sweet mercy, Keegan Bradley is wearing the Jordan 11s at Augusta this week. (CBS Sports)

Peyton Manning will speak at OSU. (O-State)

And he’s being paid $105,000. (NewsOK)

Cool profile of Jason Day. (New York Times)

The Comeback Cowboys? 23-10 now in baseball. (O’Colly)

Terrific baseball recap here by Aaron Schnautz. (PFB)

My monster guide to the 2014 Masters. (CBS Sports)

Interesting look at what Twitter might be. h/t Kevin DeShazo.


This will be awesome.

In honor of the Masters.

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