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Daily Bullets: Darrell Williams re-starting career

Stevie Clark continues to struggle, Smart to the Sixers (?), and OSU is going to be young (stop me if you’ve heard this).



Again, apologies for being short on content this week. US Open is taking over. Btw, I’m live-blogging all day here if you want to follow along.


Must-see non-con games in the Big 12 this year. Two Texas games before OSU-FSU? (Athlon Sports)

Don’t know if you guys have heard this one but OSU is going to be really young next season. (NewsOK)


Auburn, Oregon State, Tulsa, and OSU are playing a tournament in Vegas in November. (NBC)

Our new point guard left LSU because of “publicized run-ins” with his coaches. What could go wrong? (NewsOK)

Darrell Williams is starting over at Texas A&M Commerce. He also offers this advice: If you see a girl drinking and she is out of control and can’t handle herself, I wouldn’t be nowhere around them.” (Sun Times)

Stevie Clark is still struggling. (PFB)

Markel Brown worked out for the Thunder. That’s awesome. (NewsOK)

Wait, why would the Sixers draft Marcus Smart? (CSN)


I just can’t get over how cool the Fowler/Payne Stewart thing was on Thursday at the US Open. (CBS Sports)

Cool feature on David Gossett, the can’t-miss kid from Texas who missed. Badly. (Sports Illustrated)

If you’re really into golf, here’s what I wrote about the first round of the Open, btw. (CBS Sports)

Do you use Pocket? Here’s something you might like as an addendum. (Pocket)

I do not envy this man.

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