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Daily Bullets (Dec. 16): Why Chuba Hubbard Would Stay



Spencer Sanders is starting with the ninth-best odds to win the Heisman next year… Woo buddy, happy Monday.

Bullets Rundown

• It’s not who you are, it’s which position you play
• Why Hubbard would stay
• Anei back (from foul trouble)


• MBB: Pokes 61, Houston 55
• Wrestling: Pokes 23, Sooners 9

OSU Bullets

• This dialogue about Chuba Hubbard’s Heisman chances being ruined because he was on a “mediocre team” was interesting.

Is Hubbard in New York over the weekend if the Cowboys are 10-2 instead of 8-4? Maybe.

But consider: Jonathan Taylor, the Wisconsin running back who was publicized a lot more than Hubbard throughout this season, wasn’t there despite the Badgers winning 10 games and going to the Rose Bowl. [TulsaWorld]

The columnist pointed out that 8-4 doesn’t make one mediocre but also that ten wins and a New Years’ Six bowl didn’t do the trick for a similarly impressive running back this year either.

• Who in the world knows what Chuba Hubbard will decide to do about the bowl game and his upperclassmen years on campus in Stillwater. But here are a couple of solid arguments for Hubbard on why he should stay.

1) …First, talk Tylan Wallace into coming back which would probably be easier than getting Chuba to stay.

2) After that you try to sell the idea that with an improving offensive line, Spencer Sanders and Tylan Wallace returning, and a defense that improved greatly over the second half of the season and is only losing one starter that the team has a chance to win the conference and make the playoffs if he also stays. Bring up that they could’ve beat Texas, Texas Tech, and Baylor if not for a few mistakes. Make him believe the team is CLOSE. [HCS]

Love for school, winning games, increasing your NFL stock (and a good insurance policy) has to overcome the desire for financial security.

• The Pokes landed a big win, a momentum-building and potentially season-changing win in Houston yesterday. Getting (a different) sophomore defender back on the floor made a huge difference.

On Sunday (Yor Anei) wasn’t whistled for his second infraction until nearly four minutes into the second half and played 28 minutes while leading the Cowboys with 18 points, eight rebounds and a block. His value cannot be quantified by that stat line or a simple plus/minus number — but he turned in a game-high +18. Shocker: OSU needs Yor on the floor. [PFB]


Lindy Waters and Cam McGriff had clutch buckets late (as did Anei) and shutting out Houston’s five star-KU transfer was big. But having a difference-maker on both ends like Anei on the floor more often than not changed the game.

Bowl captains announced for the Pokes.

• The Pokes take on Minnesota on Saturday… and they’re capable of beating anybody apparently.

• Don’t let the two catches for 40 yards line fool you – Blake Jarwin is a weapon in the Dallas Cowboys offense. 

• You hate to see it but good for this young man.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Great NYT piece here on two lovers from Auschwitz reconnected
• Finished this Malcolm Gladwell book over the weekend – not as good as his newest but was really good
Wildlife photography of the year – the sleeping leopard seal is a meme waiting to happen
• Solid faith-based walking into the holiday season

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