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Daily Bullets (Dec. 22): Pokes Add Another to 2024 Class, Cowboys’ Bowl Gifts



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.
WBB: Oregon 70, Cowgirls 63
OSU Bullets
OSU signed another football player yesterday – a tall defensive back from Missouri (PFB) • Always enjoy this article – what the Cowboys are getting for bowl gifts (On3) • You can hear Mike Gundy holding onto his track record of development amid change:
“We bring these young guys in to develop them in the program,” Gundy said. “The majority of these players are going to start to show up in 2-3 years. But as it is now, some of them might not be here. The process to this point and developing them has not changed, the change is how many of them will be here.” [TulsaWorld]
• Some general college football updates: – Florida State is trying to get out of their grant of rights with the ACC, news expected today on that front – Washington State, Oregon State are joining the WCC in non-football sports, are securely the decision makers for Pac-12 nowInside the ironclad grant of rights in the Big 12 and ACC that have held the leagues together • Pokes are in H-Town: • Nothing too crazy different about this new depth chart – Jaden Bray is out.
Non-OSU Bullets
• Authors voted on their favorite books this year • Become a psalmist (faith-based) Solid new years’ resolution thoughts:
“Many of the best things in life grow along the way.
  • Start hanging out with someone and love grows along the way.
  • Start exercising and motivation grows along the way.
  • Start writing and inspiration grows along the way.
Start now and let the feeling follow.” James Clear

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