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Daily Bullets (Dec. 4): OSU’s Best Pro Running Back Not Named Thurman or Barry, Texas Bowl Trending



OSU hung in the top 25 of the CFP after the Bedlam loss – good stuff. And it’s still Cyber Wednesday at PFB!

Bullets Rundown

• OSU’s third-best pro running back
• Gundy cares
• Texas Bowl trending

OSU Bullets

• Berry Tramel had a take on who the third-best professional running back to come through OSU is. And it’s not a bad one.

…(Chris Carson) has become instrumental in one of the NFL’s best teams. Seattle is 10-2 and beat Minnesota 37-30 in a wild game in which Carson rushed for 102 yards on 23 carries.

And the results are in. Carson is the OSU-bred tailback this side of Zeus and Apollo. Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas are unapproachable as the greatest Cowboys of them all.

But the Cowboys also have a proud tailback tradition, even in this Air Raid century of high-tech passing. And Carson has emerged as the best pro runner of them all. [NewsOK]

The one that popped into my head was Tatum Bell – he did lock up a couple of 1,000-yard seasons in Denver. But as Carson closes in on his second thousand yard season in just year three of his pro career, it’s getting close to time to say Carson will achieve more.

• I think this response to a reader email addresses the general sentiment around Mike Gundy and Bedlam well. 

Gundy is never going to go full “Boomer, what? F you” like Coach (Orgeron at LSU) did, but I know of a couple hundred-thousand people who wouldn’t mind seeing him coach Bedlam with that attitude instead.

I think that’s what grinds most people — I’m not normally among them, but I understand the concept — they just want to see Gundy look like he cares as much as he says he does. Maybe that’s unfair to him (it probably is), but at some point perception is reality, and it’s something I’ve heard over and over again in the last 10-15 years. [PFB]

There are two thoughts that stem from this, one micro-level and one more macro. I think Gundy admitted his error in the postgame of Bedlam when he alluded to field goals not being enough. Through 2.5 quarters, field goals kept you in the game. Does that mean he’ll flip conventional wisdom the bird in future instances? Maybe. Probably not.

But it leads to the greater concern that was the burr in my Silverado truck seat last year: show some emotion, some frustration over falling behind. You don’t have to put in a pacifier and cry or lose your mind on a freshman but show something other than “well, let’s get back tomorrow and fix it for next week.”

I think he’s done a better job of that this year but the premise of that general argument still stands.

• After the last week of regular season football, Brett McMurphy has the Pokes with a better opponent than Marshall in the bowl game.

Texas Bowl – (Big 12 vs. SEC)
Projection: Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M [Stadium]

New teams are generally more intriguing but an old opponent could be fun too. CBS’ Jerry Palm has them in the same game against Mississippi State.

• Pure speculation but it looks like the Pokes have found someone to try and fill the Grayson Boomer hole (potentially).

NCAA bracket insider has the Pokes dancing as a No. 6 seed. That makes sense for a top 25 team of course.

• This is a really fun identity for the Pokes – and one that could lead to lots of wins.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This age-peer/phases of a man’s life stuff by Dan Levinson stuff is terrific
• This faith-based article on implementing the Christmas spirit was probably the most convicting thing I’ve read all year
• Carlisle has Luka dominating for the Dallas Mavs – they really should call OKC about Gallinari

Graphics like this are so cool:

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