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Daily Bullets (Dec. 8): What Portal Season Means for OSU

And where the Pokes might go bowling.



The regular season is officially over. It always goes too fast. Thank you as always for spending it with us. Also, we’re on the hunt for 2020 sponsors. Check out more info here if you’re interested in, you know, getting your brand in front of a million people.

Bullets Rundown

• OSU-Wichita State
• Bowl predictions


• WBB: A&M 74 | OSU 62

OSU Bullets

• OSU-WSU on Sunday in GIA, and I’m thinking Ice is not going to play once again.

The Cowboys might be without their best player for a second consecutive game after Isaac Likekele missed OSU’s game Wednesday night with an undisclosed illness.

When PFB broke that Likekele wouldn’t play Wednesday night, many assumed freshman point guard Avery Anderson would fill into the vacancy, but it was freshman shooting guard Chris Harris that came in for Likekele. Senior starting wing player Lindy Waters took over point guard duties. [PFB]

You get all this momentum, and then all of a sudden your ace PG is out for at least one home game and possibly more. Stinks!

Good rundown here of what Portal SZN means for OSU.

Alamo against Utah? Put Jim Mora Jr. on the call!

• People are very excited for Brennan Presley.

• Speaking of losing players, OSU loses an offensive lineman to Texas (probably).

• I enjoyed this interview here with Eli Russ.

• I agree with this, every conference champ should be in.

• Did you guys really think he was coming back?

• Every bowl game’s weirdest game ever.

• I love Angry CFP Carson. The best.

• The Big 12 title was completely crazy.

• Also, here’s a look at which teams won the most Big 12 games in the last decade.

• Dying at this.

• Oh man, this is tough.

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