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Daily Bullets: DGB vs. Justin Gilbert will be outstanding

Markel Brown keeps ballin’, Dez was immense once again last night, top hoops moments of 2013.




Photos of the football team at the Dallas Cowboys game last night. (Flickr)

That DGB-Gilbert matchup is going to be spectacular. Not sure if Gilbert is big enough to cover him, though. (ESPN)

Some of you were very, very angry about me rolling a guy who was a little bit too excited about Cotton Bowl tickets. (PFB)

I don’t know why but I thought the ending to the Dallas game night was hilarious. Feel bad for Dez tho, he’s a monster. (Big Lead)

You don’t know how much I enjoy both of these. (Big Lead)

Gina hands out some season-end grades. I pretty much agree. Might have gone a little lower on the receivers. (NewsOK)

I’m 5-15 in our bowl picks group. Awesome. (Yahoo)

These photos of the Cotton Bowl kick-off party are sweet. (Flickr)

#headlines (NewsOK)

Kyle Stanley: “It feels great. I’m not used to seeing all these big hotels.” Hah, I would think not. (Rivals)

Good overview of what OSU’s schedule is the next few days. Media day today. (Scout)

OSU will likely face the best DE it has faced all season. (NewsOK)

Man, being a Brown sounds fun. (Deadspin)

Gundy: “We just need to have a good game plan and guys have to enjoy their time here, but also have to get better each day to get ready to play in the game.” (247)

This is cool if you like recruiting: A viewer’s guide to OSU’s targets playing in All-America games. (Rivals)

Berry ranks the Big 12 bowl games. (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson and Justin Gilbert are on Ubben’s bowl watch list. (Fox SW)

Daytawion Lowe on Tyler Patmon: “It’s been a blessing. When I found out he was coming, I was like, ‘OK, we might could use him a little bit.” (NewsOK)

Best catches of the 2013 season includes Dez. (Big Lead)

Taylor Martinez’s career is over. (CBS Sports) He threw five TD passes twice in 43 career games. I think you remember one of those performances. (CFB Reference)


Love this on Markel Brown by Kelly Hines. Outstanding Travis Ford quote. (Tulsa World)

We have a basketball game tonight.. (ESPN)

This injury sucks for Michigan — I’ve enjoyed its resurgence in hoops. (Big Lead)

I love Travis Ford. “Robert Morris had a heck of a year last year, probably should have been an NCAA team.” (NewsOK)

Five of the 10 top moments of 2013. (Scout)

The Russ Smith dunk on Julius Randle was absurd. (Sports Illustrated)


These tweets are amazing. I missed the Dez/helicopter one! (Big Lead)

Jesse Palmer had to save Chris Fowler’s life last weekend. (Deadspin)

Crazy story of a guy who committed suicide after giving away $800 million. (Independent)

The 100 best longform stories of 2013. (Sports Illustrated)

I might be the only one who finds this interesting but a look at popular baby names in Oklahoma over the last few years. (Tulsa World)

This is awesome.

Brandon Sheperd at 0:42. Buh-bye.

Yikes, John.

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