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Daily Bullets (Feb. 16): Cowboy Basketball Surging, Chris Beard Stumps for Eddie



Texas Tech’s shooting shirts were an all-time classy move – also, I can’t buy that long-sleeved tee Big County is rocking fast enough. 

Bullets Rundown

• *whispers* Is there a tournament path for OSU?
• Chris Beard stumps for Eddie
• Chianti’s heartwarming remark


• MBB: Pokes 73, Texas Tech 70
• WBB: Baylor 69, Cowgirls 42
• SB: Cowgirls 4, Alabama 1
• BB: Pokes 6, Grand Canyon 4

OSU Bullets

• It feels absolutely nuts to be talking about this… but is there a path for OSU to get to the NCAA Tournament? 

Four of those six all of a sudden seem quite winnable, being OU, ISU, K-State and UT. If OSU won those four, they’d finish 7-11 in the Big 12. That paired with a 17-14 overall record probably wouldn’t be enough (it could be for the NIT).

But if OSU could upset a ranked West Virginia or a ranked Kansas on the road and a win a pair of Big 12 Tournament games, things could get a little interesting. This is obviously putting the chariot well ahead of the horse, but for a team that started the Big 12 season 0-8, it seems crazy to think the Cowboys could be in any contention for postseason play. [PFB]

Gosh that Baylor win was the great equalizer, wasn’t it? Hand Baylor their only loss of the season, finish four-of-six and I think you’ve done enough at that point.

• Chris Beard had an incredibly compelling argument for Eddie’s hall of fame candidacy: not only was Eddie a phenomenal coach but an incredible person in his career. Players graduated, class and sportsmanship were displayed, and he won everywhere he went. 

Side note: Mike Boynton fits the culture perfectly in Stillwater but OSU whiffed when they grab Beard before he got to Tech.

• Cowboy great Chianti Roberts had a heartwarming comment that makes you proud to be a Cowboy fan.

“It’s pretty awesome to know that people still care,” said Roberts, the Swiss army knife of a sixth man on the Final Four team. “People are still genuinely interested in you, and it goes deeper than the sport of basketball.” [NewsOK]

Kevin Durant’s comments about how Oklahomans didn’t care about him as a person felt like a shot at the collective character of the state. Maybe that’s true for some fans but I think the vast majority cared about him as a person and it wasn’t a fair comment. Hearing comments like Roberts’ feels like a tally in the right column.

Catch Joe Smith’s last match in GIA on ESPNU today at 1pm – a handful of seniors are making their last showing in Stillwater

• Pokes are in the final three on a four-star forward out of Canada

Boynton’s got the crew thinking about how to handle the challenge of success – a good idea with winners of three of their last four.

Non-OSU Bullets

How the Scandinavians educate (NYT) is super fascinating
• Another solid NYT piece here – “The Age of Decadence”
• Great faith-based read on how to love your wife

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