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Daily Bullets (Feb. 17): What a Weekend in Gallagher-Iba Arena



Happy Monday. Let’s get after it today. We have a ton of content planned today. The Chamber is loaded up with plenty of pie-in-the-sky get-in-the-dance talk. I took over the Instagram account for a few days with Kyle Boone out. Things are out of control over here! 

Bullets Rundown

• Berry does the 1995 team
• Eddie’s former players speak
• Football recruiting … changing?


• BB: Grand Canyon 9 | OSU 3
• Wrestling: OSU 27 | OU 8
• WTennis: OSU 4 | No. 11 Pepperdine 3

OSU Bullets

• Berry killed it here, and I was good until the very end.

“We’re all getting older,” said Big Country, sitting next to Roberts and Rutherford. “When you do get together, you go back to the early ‘90s. We feel young for a minute, until all this is over and we figure out it has been 25 years ago. I’m blessed. Got a great family, and these guys are around. Life moves on. It’s been good.” [NewsOK]

I’m a sucker for passage-of-time stuff, and that’s an all-timer. Man, what a cool weekend in GIA, and what a bizarre marker of the years for all of us who consumed it back in the day (I was 10, by the way).

• Kyle Cox did a great job here breaking down what Eddie’s former player said about him over the weekend. Why he should be in, what he meant to them. If you could measure HOF votes by passion former players have for a guy, Eddie would have been a long time ago.

• Also this.

• On Todd Bradford’s impact on Oklahoma State’s recruiting. Really good piece that has me optimistic (?) about the future.

• Related, I thought this little nugget from RA was interesting: Speaking of triple digits, normally the number of scholarship offers out from Oklahoma State for the next class at the start of February has been somewhere in the thirties, but it is over 100 as it stands on Feb. 7. 

• Questions here on ESPN’s top 25. This from Bill Connelly was smart and interesting.

Can the front four deliver? OSU has offensive tools almost everyone else in the country is jealous of. Plus, star linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga returns, and last season’s sophomore-heavy safety corps will now be junior-heavy. But the Pokes didn’t get nearly enough push up front — only one lineman finished with more than five tackles for loss, and OSU didn’t generate nearly enough pressure to account for how aggressive they want to be in the back. That simply cannot remain the case. The line has to make everyone else’s job easier. [ESPN]

• That’s 11 straight for the Pokes in Bedlam wrestling, and the wild GIA weekend didn’t stop with hoops!

• I need Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe to commit. Need it!

• Also loved this assist from the current ??.

• Apropos of nothing, these really might be the goat unis.


• And Randy is definitely the goat shooter in OSU history.

• If you’re not involved in our forum, The Chamber, get yourself involved! You can sign up for free (or join PFB+) right here.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Ranking all the NBA slam dunk contest dunks.

• Finished Boom Town over the weekend. Loved it. Couldn’t get enough.

• This is sick!

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