Daily Bullets (February 13)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Getting To Know You

Cam McGriff’s explosions, Lindy Waters’ clutch shooting, and Mitch Solomon’s hustle have keyed big wins for the Pokes, but grad transfer Kendall Smith coming into his own has been just as crucial.

The graduate transfer put up 20 points on 7-of-12 shooting, but his offensive rebound (off his own miss) and pass to Lindy Waters for the go-ahead 3-pointer was as big a play as any. Smith posted 13 points, three rebounds and three assists in the second half alone.

He came to Stillwater with a strong resume as a scorer at the mid-major level for Cal State Northridge.

He’s found that confidence now in the Big 12. Smith is shooting 46.9 percent from 3-point range in league play — the sixth-best mark in the conference. [TulsaWorld]

After looking out of place and disappearing often early in the year, Smith has played aggressively and with confidence and not letting the moment be too big for him.

And that pass down the court to Carroll on Saturday in closing was nasty.

Doug Becoming Doug

In a fantastic piece he wrote for The Athletic, Cowboy great Doug Gottlieb outlined how he overcame his challenges, owned up to his mistakes and became a man – in the city we all love.

How much better did I have to be as a defender, a passer and a leader to play at the level I did? How good do I have to be at hosting a radio show or calling a basketball game to have the career I’ve had despite being kicked out of Notre Dame? Not to mention that if that hadn’t happened, I never would have ended up at Oklahoma State and met (his wife) Angie.

I’ve never liked “things happen for a reason” statements, especially when the reason was my own doing, but I truly believe I was meant to be a Cowboy. Stillwater spoke to me, and it changed me in so many good ways. I tell people all the time: I was born in Milwaukee and raised in Orange County, but I grew up in Stillwater, Okla. [The Athletic]

The humility and authenticity to share about his growth is another reason to love Doug – a true Cowboy if there ever was one. And my goodness could that dude handle the rock.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Cowboys check in to Andy Katz’s top 25….Good little preview for 2018 Cowboy Baseball here….Boynton is saying the right things ahead of a Valentine’s Day game against K-State….Take a look at these Big 12 Power Rankings – a not-fun stat mentioned with OSU….Some good Bubble talk here about the Big Dance

James Washington is an all-time player and human.

This dude. Hard to not pull for him and whatever he touches to be successful.

Dez much?

A super neat gesture.

Classy and sassy.

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  • OKsailor

    We are going tomorrow night! Go Pokes! Two wins in a row!

    • Bettie

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  • oSutoothdoctor

    “Take a look at these Big 12 Power Rankings – a not-fun stat mentioned with OSU”

    Maybe it’s just too early in the morning but I missed the “not-fun” stat

    • Phil

      I had the same reaction. The “not fun stat” goes w the next article, I believe.

  • Man, that Boynton clip – bring me ALL of that!!!! So great!

  • The article by Doug ON Doug…great! I’ve known that saga for years, but to hear him tell it and talk about what he’s learned from it is super-cool. Like many of you, I did things in “those years”, and some even recently, I can’t believe I did. The message of self-forgiveness and redemption is a powerful one!

  • Zombie Willham

    My favorite thing about Kendall Smith is this quote, “Coach, how do I get better?” after being benched for Averette a few games back. This guy.